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Can't wait to get started, already got a
cheap place to work on it with a shitload of tools and a welding machine 20 minutes from home.
It does need some work small list of what i know that needs to be done.
-Engine and transmission, wires and shit is all there so just plug and play
- Front seats and back seat
-Rust under the car(hole in the uhh things idk how to name them, those bars for reinforcement of the car itself)
- Paint(the guy i'm buying it from has his own respray shop and painted it so it won't rust in the container it was sitting on)
- rear fenders need to be redone(smoothend out)
- MOT.
-unsure about the interior panels

Comes with
-Driftworks shit on the rear axle
-Camber plates around all shocks
- complete exterior
- Registered dutch car

To get it MOT worthy it's gonna cost about 2-3k but the car itself costs €750, the driftworks stuff costed around €500.-