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Thanks! I'll be updating this a lot more now since i got some work to do again!

Picked up the S13 on Saturday with my dad since i'm not allowed to drive with a trailer attached to a car, took us over 6 hours
to get it and drop it of at the place it's sitting now. Exterior is complete altough it doesn't look like it. Everything is inside the car.
i'm gonna work on it tonight, check out what i need and what i got.
Went to belgium yesterday to pick up the seats and 2 CA18DET's both without turbo's and manifolds. Those are gonna go to a friend of mine which will be built to one engine, since he rebuilt various engines such as RB25's and 1JZ/2JZ's
here are some pics of what i got right now and a pic of how it used to be a few years back.