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Well, this might be a problem... Happened today around 2 pm, or about 10 hours ago.

Already looking into sleeved blocks, and getting a full stroker kit. Gonna get the engine from a newer legacy, so it's a phase 2, with more performance support then the phase 1 I currently have. Well, had. Driving my second car, a 2011 Forester in the meantime. What happened was i was merging onto an onramp, and i had it floored. 6k rpm, and the engine made a bang noise, and smoke started pouring out of the back. It was still running, but i shut it off and coasted to the side of the road and waited for the tow truck. So, finally after 211,118 miles, the Lelgacy is dead.

These are the parts I'm likely going to get, along with running the TD04 i have in the back room.

Block: *LINK*

Heads: *LINK*

Rotating assembly: *LINK*


Turbo: *LINK*

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