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Inventory update

This week we got a nice set of JDM oriented wheels.

Abflug Gran Revolfe Prism II

Size: 18x10J
Colour: OEM black
Offset: negative - may require wider fenders
Notes: Certified original Abflug rim, almost new (used on show car)
Price: 2200$ per set

Motegi Racing MR132

Size: 18x10J
Colour: matte gray with orange stripe
Offset: positive - used best on FWD cars
Notes: used, one rim little scratched, needs repainting
Price: 450$ per set


Size: 16x9J*
Colour: black face with gray lip
Offset: zero
Notes: RARE, center caps missing
Price: *SOLD*

Work Meister S1

Size: 19x11J
Colour: custom yellow with black stickers and lug nuts
Offset: negative
Notes: perfect condition
Price: 2400$ per set

Work Rezax I

Size: 17x10J
Colour: black face with chromed lip
Offset: zero
Notes: RARE, rebarreled
Price: *SOLD*

Work Equip E05

Size: 19x11J
Colour: custom bronze/gold with chromed lip
Offset: negative
Notes: -
Price: 3000$ per set

Volk Racing TE37 Ultra Tourer

Size: 19x11J
Colour: gray satin
Offset: negative
Notes: -
Price: 3000$ per set

Special offer

Volk Racing TE37V SL

Size: 15-17"
Colour: black satin with gold sticker only
Offset: negative
Notes: four-lug pattern only
Price: starting from 600$ per rim

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