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Lol, the speed is given by a sensor which gives a simple input to the speedometer, which then convert it in whatever format you need. Commonly the sensor is on the output diff/tranny gear and reads how many times it does a full revolution, which allows knowing the speed with the original wheels - and that's why when you use bigger or smaller wheels you end up having wrong speed on the instrument.

Often the speedos are identical for the different measures, they just use a different print, so you could also simply open the gauge and stick over it a mph thingo(seen it done, the other way around).

Anyways, technically you should be able to swap the entire gauge too, just search online to see if it used different electrical system for the various countries or different years and then you'll know if it's a straight swap or not(though commonly it's always the same even if the system changes, take as an example my berlingo, it born with either siemens or bosch electrical system but the gauge is always the same so you can swap it between the various versions).
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