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Thanks for helping me get that new page BB!

It's been a while but i'm back with a new huge ass update!

As you all know i've sold the 200SX and the Miata a while back now and been driving around my GF's Miata for the past 5 months but recently i bought a new car.

A 1991 Nissan Silvia PS13 K's for a really good price.

Let's take you guys back to the beginning.

I've seen a few different cars over the past months, 4 Silvia S15's, 2 Skyline R32 GTS-T's and some other cars but none gave me a "Wow, this is a car i want" feel when i saw them in person except one S15 but the price was just to high for me to reach.
After months of searching the Dutch/German/UK car sale websites i thought i'd try a site almost nobody uses and wham, i found 2 Nissan Silvia S13's on there. One for 10k which had a decent ammount of mods but had rust, needed a complete exterior make over and some more stuff at a selling price of 10K
The other was a riced out PS13 with chrome wheels for more then half that price, contacted the guy and met up with him the next day.

When i arrived at the Car it was sitting in a garage, MOT expired in Aug 2013, the guy placed it in his garage due to a funding problem since he moved, he wanted to save up and fix it again but then his wife got pregnant and he had to sell the car, after a little inspection the car looked in pretty decent shape, no rust on the sills, chassis rails, front suspension mounts or anything out of the ordinary.
The dash is cracked around the steering wheel, drivers seat is worn out but it had a complete interior. The engine was dusty which was a good sign tho and the exterior had some dents and scratches.

I offered the guy money a bit under his asking price and he took it, organized a trailer with a car that can pull it(Thanks dad :D ) and took it back home to the garage near here.

did a small test drive on dealer plates and noticed a few things.
A Turbo leak, steering wheel wasn't centered, brakes were bad, tires were bald and dried out but the engine ran alright. Drove it up the lift and checked out the car and it looked awesome. Just a little bit of rust under the side skirt, corroded brake and clutch lines, no oil leaks, a rusted stuck Toe and Traction rod and brake pads that were almost gone. After further inspection we found out the car had a lot of things that needed to be replaced:

- New brake pads
- New braided brake lines
- New front calipers(Front right side gushed brake fluid out when the cylinder was being pushed back)
- Fresh brake fluids
- New Braided flexible clutch line
- New Driftworks Toe/Traction Rods(Which took 2 weeks to get delivered)
- Fixed the rubbers on the exhaust
- Small patch welded on the right side sill
- Replacing some light bulbs
- 2 rubber hoses on the trunk arms to prevent it from slamming so hard when the trunk was opened
- Used set of wheels for cheap


- Turbo/downpipe/Exhaust manifold gasket(Took a week to get here and took half a day to install)
- Engine flush
- Fresh oil
- New oil filter
- New fuel filter
- New sparkie thingies
- Fresh gearbox fluids
- Fresh differential fluids
- Injector cleaner
- Swapped out the ECU for a stock one due to fumes

The Driftworks arms took 2 weeks to arrive, the gasket a week.

the brake/clutch lines were a total hell to get. Get this.

1. Went to a store about a hour drive from here and told them what i needed.
"Don't worry mate we got the sizes and stuff in our system so well create them right on the spot"
Good, i was happy again, went back to my car the next day to fit them and the brake lines were all 10cm-20cm to long, the clutch line was 40 cm to long.

2. Went back again, took the original brake/clutch line with me and told them to shorten it.
And they did. 2cm to fucking short.
"it'll fit mate don't worry about it"
Went back to the car to fit it and guess what, it didn't fucking fit, even the connectors were wrong

3. Pissed AF i went back, AGAIN. And told them it wouldn't fit because they were to short and the connectors were wrong. They gave me new front brake lines with the right connectors and told me the rear ones would fit.
"No no, the connector is a special one because HEL has created a special connector that would fit on both connectors. As pissed as i was and how i needed to get back to work after waiting for 30 minutes i took the stuff with me and told them:
"If this doesn't fit, /Again/ know that i've driven a total of 650km to get these done right, i brought the original brake lines with me and yet you ignore those and take it your own way. I'll have to come back /AGAIN/ to get it done right" took my stuff and went away.

I called the company pissed as fuck and asked for the manager, explained the situation and he agreed to send me a new rear brake line with the right size and connector and it would've been sent that same day so i would have it on Tuesday.

Monday 5:30PM a call came in from the company, the guy who created them for me and told me it would fit. This was my breaking point and i was so mad.
I told him as calmly as i possibly could that i had an agreement with the manager that i would get 2 new ones, with the right connectors and size and that they would've been sent 2 days ago. After arguing for 15 min he agreed to make it and sent it over. Got it on Thursday.
Had a slow and calm day at work on friday after and went to my car again.
Guess what? The brake lines fitted, fina-fucking-ly. Did a lot of things that day just needed to bleed the brakes and clutch.

The next dat i went back to do that, brakes were easy, clutch was a fucking bitch, took us an hour but we got it working. Finally it's MOT ready, slapped dealer plates on it and it took her for a spin, first things first. Fuel, filled her up with high octane and drove on for 20 minutes to make sure the oil was on temperature.

Came of a roundabout and was ready to see what she would do up to 5k rpms(keep in mind the car hasn't seen any real action for almost the past 4 years.
There we go 2500rpm, not making alot of power yet
3000rpm, i can feel the turbo spooling up and increasing power
Well that happy moment abruptly stopped after a loud exhale of air, the boost immediately dropped under 0 bar and the car began to sputter like crazy, the engine died and i rolled into a parking lot 200 meters down the road.
As you'd expect i was already freaking out thinking i destroyed the car, popped the hood and saw it.
The pipe that connects the turbo/BOV was disconnected from the intercooler piping. Didn't tighten the ring around the pipe. I pushed it back together, and fired her up again as if nothing ever happened it ran like a dream.

The next Monday my mechanic took her to MOT after 3 weeks of working on it and passed it. Finally i got myself a car again.

Got it insured and started driving legally, taking it slow at the moment not to high on the revs, slowly working the engine back in since it hasn't seen much more then stationary for a really long time. It runs really good, picks up revs quickly and produced enough power.

Had a day off so i spent the day buying parts and getting some work done, bought a NRG 70mm dished suede wheel, a 5 panel "wink" mirror and a new Pioneer radio. Went to a local parts store to get a converter cable for the radio to fit the car. Also got an alignment since the wheel was 30 degrees to the left and it felt shifty while driving. Got back home, started on installing the wheel, mirror and radio.
Cut down the wires, placed some got the wires together on the new converter cable and was almost done when i grabbed the radio to fit the cable.
Wrong cable, female>female plug wouldn't fit, so got back to the store, traded the cable and reconnected the wires. Radio works too now.

A few days later i felt it was losing power, taking longer for the power to kick in. Torn rubber tube for vaccuum to the fuel rail/intake, cut it of a bit and reconnected it. Drove further yet the power kept going back more and more up to a point where it would just start to stutter and misfire on 3500rpm. Got home, parked the car and it set there for the evening when i wanted to replace the car so my mom could leave the next morning it wouldn't start. It would crank but wouldn't fire it up again. Pushed the car in place and waited for the next morning.

The next morning, popped the hood and checked the pipes, wires etc etc, nothing wrong. Opened the trunk, took out the carpet and removed the hatch above the fuel pump, tried to start it but the pump would make a single sound.
Took out a hammer, tapped it a few times and guess what it started, the moment i hit the throttle it died. Smashed a few times more and it ran again. Kept running so i thought it was fine.
Later that night i went out, car started fine and ran like shit but i thought "It's just 2 blocks away what can go wrong"
Well... pump died again and i had to leave the car.

Borrowed the Miata, went to work the next day, towed the car back home that night and tried to fix the pump, it wasn't fixable.
Good excuse to upgrade and i bought a Walbro 225LPH pump with universal connecting kit since the S-chassis isn't that popular here as in the US.
Pump came in the next day and i wanted to install it that evening.
Took the pump out, started unpacking and found out the connectors wouldn't fit. Hah, my luck. AGAIN, went to the store i got it from the next day and exchanged it for the right one. Shit happens, it was on online order so meh.

The same evening i took out the pump again and replaced the fuel pump, cleaned it up a bit and installed it again.
Turned the key, pump started buzzing an it fired up right away, sounded a lot better and louder then before. Cleaned up, placed everything back and took her for a test drive and HOLY SHIT it's even faster now! I only revved up until 5k rpm because previous reasons but shit it scared me tbh, it takes off so quick now.

Well there you have it, i'll update when i get some new stuff or something happens feel free to ask questions!


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