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Yo peeps. Thought I need a topic here too, so here you go. Copied text from SW as I'm too lazy to write a little different.

Ride is, as you read from the title, Lada. What exactly? It's Lada Samara 21099 with a sedan body. Left the factory in 2003 and left the drawing board in mid-eighties.

Engine is 1.5 that should produce 56kw/75hp but god knows what's left of it. 5 speed manual converts the power to front wheels.
This one has quite low mileage (23105km). Always been held in garage, never driven at winter (roads get salted then, so no rust is rare for cars like this). And I'm planning to keep it rust free, too. Everything is in super condition, like new.

I'll try to keep this short & tell what I'm planning, don't be afraid to ask questions :D

List of, things?
+ Fix starter
+ Get registered again
+ Cleaned interior & exterior
+ Bought Nuova Raid steering wheel
+ Bought ATS Pepperpots (in bad condition)
+ Bought rear lip (that's too short)

Not done/bought:
- Install tyres on rims
- Transparent gear knob with flower in it or something
- Powerful USB phone charger
- Phone mount (probs on air vent)
- Some retro seat covers
- Curtains
- Спутник rear badge
- Rear window louvers (inside)
- More lightning in the car
- Bluetooth speakers with Arduino possibly
- Other smaller details

Oh and yes, interior mods will be inspired from bosozoku & kyusha as I love the styles. Exterior won't change a lot, as it still has to be daily.