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Thanks again! Anyway, time for a little update. Nothing much to update with but atleast something.

The middle rearview mirror just came off. I tried to move it a little & next moment it was in my hands :D Anyway I got the glue or whatever that is to install it back. Should be easy fix, but as usual, planned 5 minutes raises to 5 hours in course of the work.

Last night at garage (note: it's 5km+ from my home, so I don't go there every day) I took my steering wheel off as now I had right tool(s). Was 4 times easier than I thought. Installed the adapter & put on the Raid wheel but then I realized I had left my allen keys at home. Nice. Somehow still "tightened" 6 bolts with my thumb. Put on the horn & everything looked almost perf. Went to put on the negative wire to battery - BEEP BEEP! :rolleyes:
Something definitely wrong. Took the horn button off (with a rusty old, possibly beard shaving knife) & looked at its mechanism for about 5 minutes. Garage is dark & I didn't take the horn button apart, so I had to figure out what's up with it by looking what I could see. Left it that way, in the glovebox.
I taped right taillight as I wanted to see how the stripes I make in my RP builds look like on the Lada. Had to see how lights work with the tape, battery on, BEEP again. Without the button. So now I know where the error is. And now me nor my dad can't see the speedometer from where we sit - wheel is in the way.

Had to take car to my house the next day (which was today) so I had to quickly figure out something with my dad. Our fix: just disconnect the horn itself. We didn't have time to take adapter & steering wheelio apart. Relays didn't help, as the one we took off should have disabled the horn :lolhitting:
Quickly taped the left taillight too & set off to my haus. Covered the ride in a car cover that's a number too big. Might have to do something with magnets due wind.