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# EXOTI1CSTANCE : Thanks allot for featuring my photo

Added 17 seconds later:

And I can't wait
cheers, thanks for the photo :))

# Lagano : You should've made this thread years ago! Can't wait to see some progress on your mods. And as you said you have a lot of WIPs but i guess you'll finish them some day. :)

Also is the 962 still WIP? I remember that you made some photos with it, i'd love to have it!
the 962 was still a one piece mod at this rate, the original name still intact and the leftover parts/catalogs also hasn't been modified yet. For photography purpose, it was alright but for the game itself, it wasn't.

# MACKAY : Oooh man, where the hell you been lol. Awesome news from you, makes me want to try modding myself, as I been thinking about converting some maps lately.. And that Daikoku Futo, oh boi, no more shitty photoshop edits, me love you long time boom boom man. :-X
asking about the same... Hey, try it out! modding feels so satisfying even though the result wasn't as you expect :P about daikoku, if coprone made the same then use his own :)) thanks for the support.

# Ward : Funny I was going to make my thread soon

But yeah nice thread fam

# Bad.Compqny :

Maaaaadddd Respect from Me.

thank you!

# Sleepin mOnkey : Sexy work man nice to see someone creating things for slrr
stay tuned!

# Soju : Really great works. I hope I have those skills.
trust me that my skill isn't as big as you thought lol

# MrTomush : :ohsnap:

# Princevolution : Man nice thread,I love your work dude! ;)

# Jfernando1 : I'm proud of you. Good work. In fact, if you do models I can do the scripting side.

Will you take that offer?
sure! i'll PM you via vs or fb when i got it done.