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# Princevolution : We love you holeecrab.
-You have awesome name
-A nice person
-Have great commitment for the community
-Make great stuffs
-And last for trusting me holding his WIPs
So,Never underestimate yourself! :)
thank you, you're too kind :O

# Jfernando1 : I'll be working on these until you PM me the map.
hey, thank you so much!

# KondzixsPL : Man I whish I had the time and skillz to do such things. Can't say much more than good luck modding
cheers, i just had some time because my college stuff were not pretty busy at the moment. Things will changes probably and i'll update more rarely.

talking about maps....

i've been doing the render part (the transparent stuff).... well, not all of them. Mainly just the roads at the moment.

anyway, anyone knows how to fix the tree? does the file extension matters or it just the mesh/UNV fault?

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