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some short update.

if you're familiar with my work you know how i couldn't focus with one thing before doing another stuff. So far i've been doing some maps progress - nope, still didn't manage to fix the trees, instead, i working on other maps: Wangan....sorta.

and few days back i learned that SLRR has a limitation in polys, when it reach about 450k+ it'll begins to fuck up and sometimes the rpk will just going to be an error. I don't know if there's any way to override this (thinking about making multiple RPK but people says it doesn't help). Since doing wangan fully would be an impossible task so i think i'll just making the Tatsumi PA (and daikoku ofc) and making it detailed as possible.

Anyway if you wonder how the state of my Daikoku map so far you can give a try by downloading it here > *LINK*