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Ok i lied. Here a few more shots, the customizations are sick but still the power upgrades and the handling makes me puke.

I broke it :(

My defender 110, i love these(even if i prefer the 90 tbh)

A couple clean screenies of the #iAmPoor GTI

Here being the typical golf driver, basically an asshole for no logical reason :D

Did ever happen to anyone that, in midst of a race, a random dude appears from nowhere, followed by police, and as he appeared he disappears(aka he takes another route)?

My brand new stock miata.

After some tune up, stock stance still(will lower it in the future, i guess) - couldnt hit the damn chip though :O

Racing my miata vs some boss' zetto

Still it, yes, i made the front bumper aluminium-tape-ish


My new toy, yes, i gave it a nibba(no hate) kind of stance, i really like how it looks with multi/weirdly colored wheels, despite not being a fan of the total wheel size(rims+tyre diameter), i would've liked them a bit smaller.

It takes me back to the good old midnight club 3 dub edition or midnight club los angeles times :D

Racing against my car's niece

Proudly repping my place, Sardinia, in the middle of the wild west

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