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First off, BB93, not BB98, second, if i recall correctly it is due to your cpu's clock.

I remember someone(i think it was LocomanUSA) asking for the same exact thing a long time ago, and there was no real solution as it was really just the cpu clock that made the entire game being way faster.

But i may be wrong. :X

Added 39 seconds later:

# JDobbel :

Question how can i make custom license plates?

You need this: *LINK*

Added 12 minutes later:

# theblockishot : Is there a way to zoom the interior cam without move the driver head position ?

camera		0.3318 0.3018 0.2275	0.000 0.000 0.000	 90.000

On each camera string, in your case the first one of the list on the main cfg, the last number is the FOV(field of view), you can edit that to get the result you wish.

Added 1 minute later:

# StratoWolf : This happened as I was trying to switch cars and the game crashed
!Script error
Error: Thread::evalName: null.methodcall() (line:120) (line:148) (line:254) (line:120) (line:494) (line:283) (line:81) (line:383) (line:300) (line:87) (line:383) (line:444)
java.lang.GameType:run (line:165)

This error doesnt quite say a thing, other than the error being located at, which makes me think you have uninstalled a mod(either car or part) so when it tries to load it, doesnt find anything and thus crashes to desktop.

Added 49 seconds later:

# skip : Happens with any part, car falls through the floor. Fixed most of the scripting problems but pretty sure this is a phys .acx problem
Doesn't happen in any map
Any help?

It could be definitely a physic problem but also a wrong digit in the main cfg, have you checked the error log?

Added 1 minute later:

# pixelgalaxy : im using the 930 mod with the 911 flat 6 engine in svander’s 911 pack. when i try to run the car it tells me i cant because i’m “missing a head gasket” when all there is is the block. can anyone help me with this?

The engine doesnt work unless you buy the entire car complete - he should've fixed this by making it come as kit and removing the catalog id for the block, so that people wont get confused.

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