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hello yes I wanna follow a trend pls gib attention
bought a 1997 E39 520i for my first car, needs love and work
was a Sixt rental whore car for the first year, then got sold off to a private person. Sold further in 2014, some work was put into it, then sold around 2017 (?) to a third guy, who didn't register it and just left it parked for 3 months. Seller was sketchy af, and I think I know why:
-camshaft sensor broken
-needs brakes all around with handbrake pads too
-trunk sits not flush
-crash damage in the rear (seller didn't tell me, nice. hopefully only parking ding)
-needs about everything serviced, from filters to all fluids
-has rust (seller also hid it from me, nice 2x.)
-driver seat torn
-blinker stalk doesn't turn off after you turn the wheel back
-headlight lenses blurry

It has only 4 options, auto A/C, eletronic sunroof (doesn't work with the switch, only with key, makes bad noises), smokers package (ugh) and the paint. this car is naked.
I bought a lot of stuff already, just need to put them on. Camshaft sensor, brake discs and pads, headlight lenses clear front, clear taillights, inspection set, retrofit cupholder front(yes this was an option back then), rear door trims from an ebay partout car, blinker stalk too, warning triangle (broke this one myself, lol), driver passenger stripping, custom floor mats, 4:3 navigation (planning to put a raspberry pi in it), Styling 66 17"
what I still need: clear side blinkers, new rear brake discs (ordered the wrong ones, ventilated), handbrake pads, battery charging device (battery is dead lol), new trunk gas struts
its stored in a underground garage atm and will be for like 4 months or so till I pull it out, and bring it to inspection. If it passes, nice. If not, straight to Poland and will recieve the easiest and cheapeast rust reparation so it passes at least once. In 2 years I'll have to see, if it passes again I'll drive it to the ground, if not either rip the interior out and drift it or partout and upgrade to one with a bigger engine

on another note I have these 3x E46 Styling 34 which I thought were OEM Styling 31, how much do yall think can sell these for? All 3 have old bad tires, so drift spares only. I thought about 80 bucks to pickup, I can't use them anywhere, not even as storage rims. The steelie is the original spare with the original tire from 1997, wow