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figured i would get a bit active on vstanced again.

So this is my 97' 320 in Avus Blau.
It's nothing special, 11 button OBC, cloth interior (with some cool pattern, never really seen it in other e36's), electric everything, wooden details etc, generic shit.

got it since last year november, it's nowhere near perfect exterior wise, but for the price i got it for it's good.
Full history, i'm the third owner, recent vanos revision (yeet)
Got a full set of 17x8 ET20 Style 32's, some 17" E39 M5 reps and Bosch projectors with it.

On this pic it looks mint, don't let it fool you;

Starting rust on the doors, trunk, 1 sill was rusted through (giant ass hole in the skirt), the generic door dents, flexdisc broken, handbrake no worky

2 days after getting it, some dude in a breadvan crashed into my rear left.
Don't have good pics of the damage, but you'll notice in the other pics.
which gotten me to the point of "fuck it"

Fast forward to now, what i've done;

got rid of the poser aliexpress air filter, and put the stock one back in
back to factory spec clear blinkers
flexdisc fixed
handbrake fixed, till it decided to break again
Got the sill repaired
No more mismatched rims (full m5 reps all around now, they're fucked lol)
replaced trunk (Had an LTW wing on the old, looked like absolute fucking shit unpainted)
AP Coilovers
Rep M sport bumper
Put in the Bosch projectors
Gutted an aftermarket muffler as it was more silent than stock

what i'm planning to do, don't have a big budget as i'm importing an UCF30 this summer.

HM Front lip & skirts, already have the roofwing laying around.
getting the damage fixed
straight pipe from the catalysator
getting the style 32 set refurbished (prev wheel owner drove into a curb with 1 wheel)
new M sport bumper.
complete respray
get rid of the towhook

and some old pics, not in an order

i'll try to keep this topic active, lol.