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sideskirt/rocker panel/whatever the side thing
got a replacement metal for the front left jack point already. Mate will weld it in, found a garage to rent with the tools I need so I'll tackle that as soon as I got my license to get a 5-day-registration for the car. Right side was welded already but looks ugly, but if it works I don't really care.
Defo either crankshaft sensor or the ventilation thing, got symptoms from both. Bad startup, no power until 3.000 RPM, oily spark plugs. Clean idle and no smoke though. Changed the camshaft sensor already because the BMW dealer I got it checked at said it won't run with a bad crank sensor. Yeah, I thought they knew about their cars. For now waiting for the obd reader so I finally know which one of them is bad.

on the other hand reconnecting the battery removed one kilometer from the mileage lol