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Well, I wasn't sure about the title of this thread but here some facts and a short story behind.

My Lady and me travel now around for roughly a year. And it turned out we about to settle for a long time in a country I'd never expected to be and to "love". (Those who guess it will be invited for a free beer anytime)
So of course, if you travel there is no point of owning a car, besides you use it for travel but we took planes / trains mostly. So now, it's about time to get a new ride. This country is a bit weird down to regulations as far as I heard but on the other hand most cars are imported. So... blablabla - make it short. I'll finally decided to import a car from Japan.
So, I always wanted a RX7 FD. Because for me personal it's one of the most beautiful sport cars ever made but there is also the R34 Skyline. A car I like so damn much. Can I afford a GT-R? No way! Same story with older skylines. R32, 30's etc. On the top 3 of my personal car list is the X30 Cressida. Next problem these things are expensive and probably easier to get from the states or france.
So after muuuuuuch thinking, I'll go for a X70 Mark 2. Not yet sure which model as it is a question of $$$. And another issue... I need to get two. Simply for the fact that I might need spareparts.

So what happened so far. I made a deposit at ts-export which will be the company that helps me with the auctions all the transport stuff etc. that deposit should cover the cost for one car. But of course now, no X70 or 71's are in auction. So stay tuned for any updates.....
2x ROTM 2018 :)