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@radcoon : Thank you! , Only 3/4 parts of the car are fast hahaha
@zoom : Thank you! , The previous owner just destroyed the chuki bumper and put this piggynose bumper but there were missing the indicators, later th previous owner "repaired" the rear bumper cuz he runout of money hahaha. Then he sell me the car. For now i don't have any problems with the law, but is my first day with the car u' know , I will buy the indicators , grille , rear bumper and coilovers for make the car roadworthy and driveable, cuz this coils are shot.
@lagano : Thank you duuuuuude! Yeah i will make functional and road worthy , the car is running but the coilovers are blown and they are shit lol , the rear bumper i will change it , and i need the front indicators , and in between i can put some little thing for make more nicer the look of the car, I'm stoked!
@niatross : Thankyou!, Both , i'm thinking a 90's style drift/show car, or something like that

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