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240 Project: Repairs and various things

After several things that they recommended me and that I needed to repair or change ...

I changed the old coilovers that had enough game and when going through a pothole to metal noises as if it collided with a metal, it did not muffle anything, I changed them for a BR coilover set, in addition I took the car to make the suspension adjustments and be at the height and with the camber I want.

I fixed the motor of the broken pop up, it seemed to be a broken cable, i put the new indicators on the front bumper, also i moved the plate to avoid problems (because the plate was a little hidden) and i painted the other pop up with spray paint.

I changed the cluster's background

And i changed the rear bumper

Now the 240 looks good, works well and is "technically" legal, although I do not know what happened with the height, but the previous owner told me that he had no legal problems with it, so, it would only be necessary to make aesthetic and engine modifications.
Maybe I bought a bodykit, a safe turbo kit in this car, or who knows, maybe a swap, but for now I'll be careful, I'll have to paint the car in one color and make some other aesthetic modification and a turbo kit of an S15 or something like that, nothing extreme for now ...

This is the beginning of something beautiful!

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