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# ErwinFenyvesi23 : Haha alright ! I'm glad you decided to move to Japan man ! Make sure to settle down in Osaka , that's the place where the crazy things happen , but either way , if you need any help with things , make sure to tell me and I'll do my best to set something up for you ! So yeah , you had some really nice cars , but y'know , in the end it was worth selling them. Hopefully you'll manage to get a more better car here in Japan ! I'm telling you man , you're not gonna regret leaving the US , and I'm more than sure that Japan will turn your life around ! Anyway man , stay safe , peace !
Thank you for the words mane! , I will miss my cars!, also i can say that i had a convertible hahaha , but yeah , it worth more selling them instead of keeping them , also they aren't so especial , a pair of 240's , but i worked in those cars and i love them , but is time to go , and the vert was a buy, fix and sell project , so no regrets lol.
I will settle in Osaka dude , i already found a place near the workshop that you're , but i will need a job , except that all the things for the trip are ready!
I need to sell the hatch and i will go! Maneeeee i'm so excited!
I'm no regret to leave the US , and i'm very happy to go to Japan , finally !
So maybe in some days i will arrive in Osaka !
Peace bro!

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# Nightrunner : Wow really nice !
Thks (btw i don't need more the silvia front end cuz i'm selling both 240's, srry)
In some days i will arrive in Osaka , so we can meet up dude!
Ooofff nation lmao

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