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My 1996 Toyota Tacoma with a fabtech 6" lift kit. I originally got this truck for $500 minus a front drive shaft and a good portion of the frame. Unfortunately the east coast of the U.S is known for rotting cars into the ground if ya dont take care of them.

So I got a spare front driveshaft and eventually got to grinding the rot out of the frame. The frame originally wasnt boxed in underneath the bed and whoever had the truck last boxed the whole frame in but left the ends open for water to leak into and sit at the bottom of where the frame dips down behind the cab. So about a month later the frame was set. The picture above is before we put the bed on. I didnt plan on posting a topic about it originally so i dont have a lot of pictures and we're having freezing polar weather at the moment so i dont want to spend too long outside. Here's some pictures of the truck now.

I really want to keep the truck but i may end up getting rid of it soon. I'm saving up for an actual car after winter ends and i have a few in mind. It's a 5VZ-FE V6 with a 5 speed manual so its a nice package, but theres still some body rot. I have new rockers for it as well as a new tailgate already. I'll update with pics as soon as new stuff goes on.