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Hello, my name is Jimmy Stone "Buzzsaw". You can call me Buzzsaw because most of the people calling me that name and I am 25 years old, working small local garage in Tokyo and I'm living on the flat (god damn, no garage!). My girlfriend made a great homemade bowl of Spicy Ramen, same time I was eating it, I been staring to the computer screen and strolling used car website.

This Nissan PS13 caught my eyes, damn she is rare as hen teeth...
It dark blue, not sure what it was a call. Not many were made came with that colour, and it has CA18DE automatic gearbox. It is, Nissan Silvia Q's 1988, has 73,XXX Km, quite low mileage for that age.

( The PS13 link website. )

My girl saw this PS13, and she loved it, but it seen a long trip. Approving 5 hours on the train or 1-hour costly airliner, but it would be 8 hours (depending traffic) way back, yes you hear correctly the car was location "Kasaoka-shi, Okayama-ken".

Anyway, negative about this car, I did speak on the phone to the owner...
It needs service, has common paint condition (Paint peel, key scratch, dings dent, etc., and possible usually fault happen, also FUCKING AUTOMATIC! I'd pass it and looking something different, like more near my home area (Tokyo)...

Anyone have suggested the car under 12,000V$ budget, or buy that PS13?
(Edit: it CA18DE, not CA18DET, oops!)

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