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Unicorns, and OTHER CAR?!

Yes, I did buy another car, but I will explain later. Let talk about PS13, shall we?
I won the bidding, with low price, I was very impressed myself, so I order the train tickets to get motor and filling up the gas for a long drive as I am using Shell fuel, next day I found 800 V$ per month slightly medium size garage. The previous owner creates Benny's Garage from GTA V look like into real garage, but he doesn't do kept up the rent payment, so my landlord shutting his garage down. His all tools and equipment, plus car was lost. They don't did recovered from previous owner, they just been left it and never used it, so I'm lucky enough having all them. Thankfully, the landlord told me to not worry about everything tools and car, they have alerted to police, and they wasn't a stolens and previous was contacted, but he don't want it, so it perfect for me to do transmission swap for my PS13. I found S14 SR20DET 5 Speed MT transmission and fully OEM used RPS13 (but they are same chassis as PS13) transmission kit plus mint condition gear knob and leather gator. Why I used S14 transmission? Due my PS13 is CA18DE, which it low power, I could use 350Z transmission, but they possible don't work well with CA18DE, my bet is S14 SR20DET should be fine. It takes me to 3 days to swapping, with new clutch, fluid and other parts. Here is a photos with MT transmission swap, and I am waiting licenced plate has arrive.

I have been spotting rare OEM part, she has mudflap fitted, which is rare to find, and working OEM radio. Damn, I think I did to discovered the unicorn motor...

Did I buy the other car?

No but I got for free came with renting the garage, previous don't want to get his Supra back, thank god the keys was left inside the Supra. I have received an information background about that Supra. It was 1996 Toyota Supra Turbo RZ version; it got missing parts are front end was, no engine and exhaust, also the steering wheel loosened. Interior was fully bone stock with hidden HKS turbo timer, which is located at glove-box. It got front end light pole damaged on the record, so it become the savage title, I cannot see anything chassis damaged. My bet was, previously owner bought this Supra for repairing his other supra part, or he could use 2JZ swapped to another vehicle, I have no idea, but hey, I'm proud to own that Supra and I will fix her to something, to become drifting, track motor or powerful street legal? Anyway, I have some a photos.

My wallet...
Starting cash ~ 12,000 V$
Paychecks ~ + 2 x 415 V$
PS13 ~ - 3,600 V$
Fuel ~ - 45 V$
Tranimission swaps kit ~ - 1,700 V$ (some parts are new condition)
S13 gear knob and gator (Mint condition) ~ - 150 V$
Supra - FREE
Train fare ~ - 50 V$
Total leftover ~ 7285 V$.

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