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Supra getting new nose.

Today, my phone was ringing while I was in the kitchen to clean the oven and hob. I hear the phone, and I pause the cleaning then picked up my phone. It is Bishop, my good friend of mine, which is, he owned silver Toyota Supra N/A.

During phone call...
Buzz: Hello Bishop, I'm middle of um, cleaning of oven and hob...
Bishop: Hey man, I hear you going rebuild Supra. I found out, on your social media.
Buzz: Yes, how your Supra is doing?
Bishop: I'm pissed off, scum pick pocking and stole my key, and drive off...
Buzz: Oh no! Does it found? Hope, it wasn't crashed.
Bishop: Yes and sadly, it crashed. The theft lost control and destroyed side and rear end.
Buzz: Shit! That sucks!
Bishop: That why, I been to ask you if you want front end kit for you, my interior mod and engine will going to other my Supra as the replacement
Buzz: Silver front end, but I'd take it! How much?
Bishop: 1,000 V$? You knew it was all stock but, there a couple of modified, it front carbon TRD front lip and chargespeed front eyelids.
Buzz: My girlfriend is yelling to me for leaving cleaning not done, I'd take it, and I will be there, bye.
Bishop: Later, man.

After an awkward cleaning oven and hob, I grabbed PS13 keys and kissed my girl's cheek and saying goodbye to her. I enter and starting her then I come C1 highway, and I floored it my PS13 with freshly rebuild the transmission.

Dangs, transmission feels smooth and tight, no noise. I'm felt proud myself for replacing the transmission; even gear knob felt comfy to shift. My speed meter is saying, 130 km/h, 140 km/h, and I past entry slip road, I don't know the cop was joining C1 highway and...

Nee-naw, nee-naw!

Fuck, I was speeding down the highway using my bone stock PS13, and I am pulled over with the cop. I'm very embarrassed myself. Later on, after boring cops talks. The police gave me the warning; if they catch me again during speeding, I would get fined. Luckily myself.
At last, I arrived Bishop house, and we are having manly chats then Supra front end kit loads into my PS13. He was stunning my PS13 and said...

Bishop: Fuckin hell, I never saw bone stock PS13 around...
Buzz: Yea, I found online, It was like the unicorn, and I paid good prices. She has a new MT swap.
Bishop: Them people who want stock S-Chassis, kept standard, they are getting rare. I know, manual much more rare with a bone stock, because they want use manual and modified it.
Buzz: It came with AT, but I'm scared getting left foot brake, so that reason I swap it.
Bishop: *Laughs* It getting late, you better-going man. C1 will become busier and street racing is happening.
Buzz: You are right. I better go home before racer flashing their headlight toward me *laughs*.

I went to my garage to drop off parts before head to my apartment. I thought 1JZ swapped on Supra like most people don't do 1JZ swap or that very bad idea? Give me suggest engine swap or kept 2JZ?

My wallet...
Supra front end kit ~ - 1,000 V$
License plate for PS13 ~ - 100 V$
Total leftover ~ 6,185 V$.

((Off topic RP: I edited out transmission spending, thanks to Sleepy for for spotting mistaken price! I was my fault for rushing, also I add train fare, that I forgot it.))
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