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Supra getting loved.

The parts, I got from Bishop that I collected yesterday, and I was woken up lovely early morning and finish off my breakfast. I started my PS13 and drove to my garage and parked, and I am starting installing the front end carefully, so I don't want to scratch paint, the hood wasn't bolted on yet because it needs engine install first, also bumper only four bolts on, it will be removed easy for intercooler access. Damn, she looks great and needs to fresh paint.

I want to give a cleaner look, so I removed rattle can badge, and provide well polished so the glue would be gone, and look fresh.

I did to inspecting Supra, so far I found faulty was; front shock has sightly mists, broken rear coil spring, front arm have free-plays, front discs are worn out and wavy, and rear pads were wearing thin. I was shocked, how a previous owner doesn't notice the front brake was wavy, they can give you bad vibration through your steering wheel, and affecting handling. You remember, my Supra has loosened steering wheel, well it not good start, someone fitted the wrong nut so it cannot tight and it different from the factory fitted. I would replace all faulty parts, but I need to kept manage under my budget.

So, that all. see you later.
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