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It's Honda!

Ugh, this fucking PS13 won't start! I'm so pissed off. This car broke down at highway after I bought the new car, will to explain later. The engine just shut down themselves and refused to start (It cranking). It was somewhere fuel system faulty, it got the spark, and air but lack of fuel.

So, you hear I bought a new car? Well, here it is!
[WARNING: Loads of photos!]

It is 2001 Honda S2000 AP1, and with eyes catching lovely colour call Imola Orange. I paid her for 10,000 V$, which is it was a sweet deal. She has recently serviced, and fully inspected and repaired before it selling on the online. Is it she is lovely is it? I'm naming her, Tango.

You noticed she has modified fitted, and here list what modified fitted;
Custom air pipe with AEM air filter.
Invidia N1 Single Exhaust.
AP2 headlight and rear light.
Honda Integra DC5 wheel and brake swap.

What is my plan do with Tango? I'm doing make her to street-legal track car, but I think my wallet is crying. It is bad news for PS13, and she won't be running till next to my paycheck, but I got runner S2000 anyway, so it means I won't worry about wanker public transporter. :D

My wallet...
Starting cash ~ 9,600 V$.
Paychecks ~ + 415 V$
S2000 ~ - 10,000 V$
Total leftover ~ 15 V$.
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