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Welp gutted that the S13 is out of action at the moment. But look at the bright side, for the moment you have a cooler daily now! And it has been tuned as well! Just be careful of that snap oversteer when that mighty VTEC kicks in :D

And YAY TRACK DAY BOI! I'm really looking forward to this build since S2Ks are one of the top tier track racers :D
A bit of heads-up as well, most racetracks (not all of them ,mind) has a rule that convertible/open-top cars should have a rollcage (of any kind, no need to overkill it by having a full race-spec ones) to participate in trackdays and clubman racing. Make sure you have your budget sorted for that ;)

I do realize though that you're joining the bankrupt bois club at the moment (and so am I), take your time building them. No need to rush ;)
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