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# BigSmoke : Welp gutted that the S13 is out of action at the moment. But look at the bright side, for the moment you have a cooler daily now! And it has been tuned as well! Just be careful of that snap oversteer when that mighty VTEC kicks in :D

And YAY TRACK DAY BOI! I'm really looking forward to this build since S2Ks are one of the top tier track racers :D
A bit of heads-up as well, most racetracks (not all of them ,mind) has a rule that convertible/open-top cars should have a rollcage (of any kind, no need to overkill it by having a full race-spec ones) to participate in trackdays and clubman racing. Make sure you have your budget sorted for that ;)

I do realize though that you're joining the bankrupt bois club at the moment (and so am I), take your time building them. No need to rush ;)
I planned to replace the soft top, to aftermarket roof, of course, I would fit roll cage. S2K are very grippy RWD car. I'm sure they did round the corner without spinning out, I'm glad it AP1 because it can kick VTEC up to 9k RPM. I'm fancy low lags turbo set up.
Low lags turbo set up + High revving engine + VTEC = F**king beast.
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