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So basically I was too lazy to update my thread but I'll power trough it.So here it is:
The events I'm describing won't be in a particular order,they vary from late late 2017 up to early 2019.
I blacked out the headlight interior for mad looks

Also installed a mad 1 dollar gummi front lip

This was the pirate version so I could get myself used to the black ones and try finding differences in light beam power

Then I decided that my car wasn't slow enough so I cut the muffler so everyone could know how slow I am

This is a friend of mine who lifted the muffler.It weighs 14 kilos,I wonder why :troll:

Midway I discovered a slick duck taped polo.I AM NOT EVEN JOKING

Then the unexpected happend and I did a frontal boom boom with a Ford Focus which didn't have a single scratch but when I looked at mine...aaayy blyat

Took off the bumper which didn't even crack

Lucky me it was only a broken radiator and a slightly deformed trager which I straightened it by tying it to a pole then push the car by hand until it straightened itself back to the original position....almost

Got a new radiator and put it in easily

As I previously mentioned above in another post,I bent the valves by putting the timing belt incorrectly and had to spend a hefty amount on repairs.After that the front crash happened and decided to put a sticker on my car which I personally think it suits it the most :))

Then I graduated from highschool (never saw that one happening but hey at least I'm done with that part of my life)
I gathered enough money to fix the car's engine(with my parents help) after the bent valves just in time before graduation,so it was like a graduation gift :D .I was so happy that my car ran again that I actually cried when I first started it after 2 months of sitting dead.(can't find the video of the first startup.It was nothing special but definitely muy importante for me).

After I graduated and started mechanical engineering university I noticed the fact that I learned how to push my car to the max in traffic and on the local touge so I thought about an upgrade.Something new,something fresh.There was at some point something bothering my mind about getting another car like an older model of bmw or some kind of older japanese car. (I am a big fan of retro cars and I absolutely adore the 60's-90's of car era)
I thought about it a lot then it came to my mind that if I have this car which has crazy low mileage and new valves (wonder why :)) )and I already mastered it's limits then I considered it was time to make it fun and challenging again.Did lots of documentation,learned about the fact that my engine despite being reliable and well known around other car platforms it's actually untouched by anyone and I don't have the resources to R&D parts especially for this engine.Then an idea struck my mind.I should get suspensions because why not.Again did lots of documentation and learned the hard way that even tho they look the same,Fiat grande punto suspensions won't fit my car at all.

Smart me bought the suspension brand new with the mindset that adapters might be available.Guess what?
So I gave up on the car thingy for a while,went out to meet new people as I got bored of old group.Met new people,even crazier than me,made new friends and my car flame lit up again.
So I decided into getting brakes and guess what?Semislicks because who wouldn't put semis on a family sedan.So here it is:
Initially I wanted some zimmermann brakes but I got brembos because thats what they had on stock at that exact moment :)) .Also had a debate with a close friend of mine (the one lifting the muffler)about what tires to buy and we ended up agreeing that Federal 595rs pros are best bang for buck.(which aren't even close to the best price/performane)
So the day came when I wanted to install everything on my car so I did:
Got up early in the morning,got the wheels I bought(I bought these when back when I asked you guys to photoshop wheels on my car)

Got them all nice and mounted on the federals which are 205/50 R15

So I started replacing the brakes as the discs were eaten but not the pads (strange) and it was a pain in the ass to remove the discs as they stuck to the hub like a gold digger to wealthy grandpa.

Old vs new

Motherfucker put up quite a fight

video1 video2

Sadly I'm running stock suspension and the rear suspension is so soft that if I carry things in the rear and people on the backsit it rubs over bumps

There are both sides ^ and this is the rear left tire

Oh and a few things I've forgotten to mention is that I tried doing a shortshifter,didn't work;broke the plastic,

Did a nice active subwoofer and it was a fuckfest of wires

Aaaaaand somebody decided that my paintjob was too good and decided to engrave "fuck you" on my hood

P.S crappy picture quality because all were shot from my phone almost everytime on a rush :D

Edit: Forgot to add 2 videos and mention a few things.Managed to break the arm rest off the passenger side and did a nice tow strap holder aaaaand my car starts at cold like an old carburetor but I'm not I actually like it

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