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# MACKAY : Don't forget me Biggie, you know I am down to join, there is couple of cars that I need to test in Tsukuba in upcoming days! Also very solid time my man, you keep getting better and better, I am still wondering how would you do if you were put into true race car when I see you drive, high expectations and biggest support from me man! :thumbsup:

When April and proper warm season kicks in, be prepared for more track days, you going together haha!

I would wonder as well.........that'll be answered when S15 has been completed :))
Let's have trackday sessions sometime! :D


United Colours of Petrolheads

After yet another week of time attack shenanigans,it is time to slow down a bit.
There's not much happening during the course of the week other than some car sleuthing.......
And meeting lots of people including forum members in the weekend!
Let's find out how it all goes in this update! :D

[25 Mar 2019]
Paycheck time! V$750 has been secured to my wallet. But paycheck money isn't the only thing coming today. As you can read at the end of the last update, at this point I also received the JAF National A racing license, as well as some reward money from Clever Circuit Trial results: V$500 for finishing 3rd in class and additional V$300 for finishing in top 10 overall. Hmmmmmmm I can feel the good life coming back, but I do aware I'm actually short on money at the moment. So for this week I'm planning to not spending anything for my cars at the moment.

There won't be any trackday or time attack events at the weekend, since the circuit will be used for national racing events at the end of the week. There's a gymkhana championship event at Saturday and two bike racing events at Sunday. You might wonder if Kenichi would enter the race event, but sadly there's no class open for his bike, so the answer is no, he won't participate. With no plans so far for the weekend, I think I'll spend the weekend by simply kick back and finishing all translation requests.

I also want to drift my HR34 in any kind of racetracks, but I doubt there will be any tracks that has any drift events at midweeks. Also, I still need to hone my skills better. I mean, Tsukuba Circuit is in fact one of the fastest place to drift your car along. Any kind of rookie mistake might end in your car smashing the armco, especially if you choose to go sideways at the last and the first corner (and if you're a pro, you can link them by pulling a Sanpatsu. In fact, the D1GP round here has drivers having to pull Sanpatsu at the main straight by placing clipping points along the straight. In fact, the selected layout is almost 75% of the entire circuit!). And obviously I don't want that happen to me and my HR34.

To be fair, I can go to Nikko Circuit, which is around 2 hours from Tsukuba. But uhh.....I can't be arsed to go there at the moment. Also My HR34 definitely needs better suspensions and perhaps a bit more power for better sideways action. From what I see usually cars running at Nikko tend to have upwards of 300 BHP, while I don't even know how many horses my HR34 produces yet. Gotta find infos for dynos at Tsukuba......

[28 Mar 2019]
While I'm working on translations I've received a message from the ProMods garage contact from Tokyo that they're now has a new branch in Tsukuba, which also includes dyno. They'll going to start operating from next week. Finally! I mean, I have 2 cars that I need to dyno so I can know how much my upgrades has affected them.

After I finished all my works for the day I spend some time surfing and browsing on various cars and towing top tips......and turns out I bought a wrong car for the job. So I'm planning to use Mazda Demio for the job, and in stock form it can only pull up to 800 kg of rear load. That's not even enough to pull my S15, despite all the weight shaving I've done to it at the moment. So in a bit of frantic fashion I looked up for a cheap replacement. Yeah I know, I'm an idiot for buying it only because it was sold for quite cheap.

After some researches, I found two great candidates for the towing and spare daily job. The cars that I picked are 2nd gen Toyota Estima in base form and 1st gen Volvo 850 in either base, turbo, GL/GLT or T5 model. Both will pull 1600 kg of rear load, so it definitely can pull my S15 and the trailer it's on. They can alo load some more 100 kg at the roof. And because both are people carriers, naturally they can carry loads of stuff in the back, so the roof rack can act as additional baggage and style enhancer. Both are 7-seaters so they can also be a nice people carrier. Both can be bought for less than V$2000. Now let's analyze the good and bad points for each cars:
2nd gen Toyota Estima
+ Has captain seats for 1st and 2nd row seats, good for relaxed driving
+ Quite powerful and big NA inline 4 engine
+ Being a Japanese car, spares would be easy to find
+ Looks cool for an MPV I should admit, and blends easily with traffic
+ Can be easily sourced inside Japan, obviously
+ I've ever driven one!
- Quite heavy for an MPV, hence needing big and powerful engine
-'s an MPV
- Visual tunability is limited, admittably
- No turbo option. There are bolt-on turbo kits and TRD-issued OEM superchargers, but would I need them?
- Driving experience might not be suitable for spirited driving

1st gen Volvo 850
+ It's a Volvo, cool and B R I C C factor ++
+ Has inline 5 engine so it'll be a smooooth sailing driving one
+ Being an European car, can be sourced outside Japan for even cheaper
+ It's an estate, certainly cooler than an MPV
+ Has racing pedigree thanks to Volvo's popular BTCC effort with 850R at mid-90s
+ Could adapt quickly between relaxed driving and spirited driving
+ It's a Volvo, so it's a mobile safe haven and as strong as a tank and B R I C C
+ Actually lighter than the Estima!
+ Some people here owns or have owned 850s at one point
+ Visual tuning options is vast and variable
- It's a Volvo, B R I C C styling might not look good for some
- Being an European car, spares might be difficult to find inside Japan
- Inline 5 engine could be rather hard to maintain
- Might actually need to be sourced outside Japan, rarely any Volvos under V$1000 in Japan

Now how about the Mazda? Since it can't serve a better purpose than the Estima and the Volvo, I want to get rid of it. It's a cute, plucky little car that is good to drive, really, but that position has also been filled by the even smaller Daewoo Tico. It can also be a track or rally car, but that is obviously has been filled by my Silver Queen Evo. So there is pretty much only one option: Get rid of it. I could either sell it or trade it for the Estima/Volvo purchase.

I'm putting an ad for the Mazda here and the classifieds. Since I've tuned it a bit and I can clean it to showroom or even concours quality, I decided to sell it for V$1500 (+V$80 shipping if you're outside Japan), but bargains are welcome up to 50%. If nobody's interested in it, that's okay, I'll use it as bargain tool for the Estima/Volvo purchase instead. But if you're indeed interested, feel free to PM me :D

2008 Mazda Demio (DE3FS)
126,000 kms
Powered by Mazda ZJ-VEM 1.3 liter NA engine
4-speed AT Transmission
Black velour RHD interior, light purple exterior colour
Rarely driven on my hands and has been cleaned to concours-worthy condition
Everything is showroom stock, only adjusted stock cams for slightly more power
Road legal, taxed and registered, obviously has sha-ken cert
Great material for cheap RP starter, daily driver, track toy, autocross, gymkhana and rally racer
Price: V$1500 (+V$80 shipping if outside Japan), bargains welcome up to 50%
Location: Tsukuba, Japan

Additionally, feel free to share your voice and/or comment what I should get between Estima or Volvo 850! I really want to see people's opinions about them :D

[29 Mar 2019]
After lunchtime, Rantaro called my phone. I had a bathroom break so there are some missed calls......

"Oh hey Rantaro-san, sorry man nature called me earlier. What's up?"
"Listen up Edo-kun, words on the streets says there will be a car meet tomorrow night"
"Wew boi, where?"
"Tsukuba uni. I've already told Ryuji as well"
"He'll come as well?"
"Yap, with his Clio-driving friend"
"Oooooo nice, been a long time since the last time we saw Genzo"
"Ah so that's his name. You in?"
"Of course man, have nothing to do at this weekend. Usual lot?"
"Usual lot, yes"
"Okay-oh, I have an idea"
"What is it?"
"Can I have my Tokyo friends tag along too?"
"Hmmmm sure, from what you've told me back then they must be an interesting bunch of fellas"
"They are, man, they are. I had good times with them and I want you to have one as well"
"Cool enough. Anyway gotta back to work, see ya tomorrow"
"See ya man"

Great news! Rantaro really saved me from weekend boredom this time. I proceeded to call Muza(Niatross) in excitement.

"Hey Muza, how's it been? Are you working right now?"
"Not really man, it's a slow day here in Omori, relax. What's up?"
"Uh, are you free tomorrow?"
"Sort of, perhaps going for Wangan run with my Supra. You in?"
"Nah man, it's the other way around. There will be a car meet here in Tsukuba"
"Wow that's interesting! I think I could show up"
"I was asking you to come so obviously come in man! You can do both highway run and car meet in one day, how cool is that?"
"You're quite a genius man"
"Ah yes, tell the boys if they could
"Good idea, I'll tell them. Also, where's exactly the meet?"
"Tsukuba University. I'll send the exact location where I usually hang around"
"Alright. Oh there's someone coming in, gotta work again. Thanks for the offer fam"
"No problem bossman, see ya tomorrow"

Yap, Muza and his co. has joined the server as well! Some question remains though: How many of the gang will come? And what sort of cars they'll bring to the meet? Dang, my head was filled with excitement!

Also at night I had nothing to do, so I toyed with photoshop and do some edits. If you're an avid fan of JDM culture and racing games, and has experienced the PS2 era, I'm sure you've played or at least know the existence of Tokyo Xtreme Racer Drift 2 (US) or Kaido Racer 2 (EU). I've played Kaido and it's one of my favourite games of all time. It is basically a touge racing simulator (no damage though), where you'll race on various Japanese touge routes, some are famous from Initial D appearances such as Mt. Haruna, Mt. Akagi, Mt. Usui, Mt. Myogi, Irohazaka and many more. There are some cheeky pop culture references thrown in as well, both from racing-related ones such as Initial D (obviously!) and Over Rev (Initial D but with female protagonist), to non-racing related ones such as Hokuto No Ken ("Omae wa mou shindeiru"), various tokusatsu series and idol culture in general. At day, you'll be competing in various sanctioned events taking place at the route and attract sponsors, while at night you'll be doing Initial D-style touge duels with various drivers and cars. It was developed with inputs from Nobuteru "Nob" Taniguchi and Manabu "Max" Orido, who was also touge racers at their youth. Even you can drive their respective icon cars inside the game! (Nob S15 and Ridox Supra A80)

Usually in night touge racers, when you select a rival, they'll say something to you before a race in a dialog pop-up. You can also view their biography before racing, and some of the bios can be hilarious or inspirative to read, e.g. there's a driver that has no sense of direction outside touge races, there's another one that tours around Japan inside his car and has kitchen utensils inside while racing, there's another one that brought along his idol merchandises while racing and so on.

So how does the UI look like? Here it is, though the biography is slightly modified. If I'm were a character in the game, it should look like this:

I also made some more for some of the users here, I'll drop some here or feel free to check all of them here. All pictures are courtesy of the RP car owners here.

[30 Mar 2019]
It's the car meet D-Day! After finishing the paperworks for the day, Rantaro has notified me that he's already there. Damn he's quite quick.......certainly excited for the car meet it seems. So at 4.15pm, I prepared my racing gloves, powerbank, papers and the medal I earned from the Clever Circuit Trial, and went to the uni parking lot. I don't think there's anything wrong over flexing about your first podium :))
The traffic is rather filled along the trip, hopefully it'll dissipate by night so Muza and co. can come here easily.

I arrived at the parking lot and can already see Rantaro and his car. He was talking with Rantaro's younger sister, Ryoko as they wait for me, Ryuji and Genzo. Another thing I can see is Kitagara-sensei's AE86 Notchback. It is a good thing he came here today, as most of the papers I brought was meant for him. He might also going to attend the car meet. See, I'm killing two birds with one stone here ;)

As I'm going to park, Rantaro gently pulled Ryoko aside and said "Make way for Edo-kun and his Silver Queen". Ryoko, a bit confused, asked him, "Silver Queen?". Rantaro said I'll have to explain about it later and signalled me to park my Evo beside his Merc-err....Mark II. So I did. At this point you might already familiar with the car, so I'll just call Rantaro's Mark II as Merc II.

"Traffic's stacking but still normal, how did you come here so fast?" I said as I get off my Evo and high-fived Rantaro.
"Well that's why I came here earlier! I don't want to be late because of traffic, and trsut me it could be worse later on"
"Hmmm I can imagine that," I replied. "Oh hello Ryoko-chan! Looking quite fresh today!" Then I greeted Ryoko.
"Hi Edo-san! Long time no see, and uh, what does Rantaro-san mean when he talked about 'Silver Queen'?" Ryoko asked me.
"Ah, Silver Queen is my car's nickname. You see, it is actually a chocolate brand in my home country....." I answered, then I proceeded to tell my story to Ryoko about the chocolate itself, as well as that moment when my right brain went berserk, fuelled my creativity and had me to do now-77 slap stickers in a single night. I think some of you has seen all of them, but if you haven't feel free to check it all here!

Then I, Ryoko and Rantaro went to the back of my car to show her the 'Silver Queen' sticker on the back of my car. Well I'm sure you've already seen it multiple times, but eh, since I really like it+it actually doesn't show well in the pics, I'll show it here as well.

"Hey that's awesome! The girl looks cute here!" Ryoko told me in excitement. "Is she an anime character?"
"Ah no, that's a game character. Glad you like her, she's a fan-favourite here in Japan," I replied. Then I showed her who is she. After some small talks, I asked Ryoko where Kitagara-sensei is. Ryoko said he might still be in his office, so I went there while carrying my papers for him.

I arrived at Kitagara-sensei's office room. We exchanged some banters as he inspected my works.

"So how's you and your car been?" Kitagara-sensei aksed me.
"I've improved a lot of things since last year, sir. I bought lots of parts for it when I was in Tokyo."
"I see. Um, pardon me, but how's your finances after all those parts? I was also a young man like you, so......" we laughed after he said that.
"Ah, it's not really good sir, but not because of the parts.....more like I have some more cars now."
"Oh that's interesting, what are they?"
"An S15, an HR34, a Mazda Demio and a Daewoo Tico"
"Wait hold there, describe why you buy them one by one"
"S15, time attack racer. HR34, drift car and spare daily. Demio, spare daily but I'm going to sell them. Tico, spare track car and kei car"
"I do remember the Tico is based on Suzuki Alto, so that's reasonable. Anyway, you said the HR34 is a drifter, yes?"
"Yes sir. I'd like to drift sometimes besides doing track days and time attack competitions"
"I see, I guess I should have you come along with me sometimes. And you said time attack competitions....have you entered one?"
"Oh that's so nice of you sir, thank you for the offer. And yes, I've entered two, came 3rd in class at one of them."
"That's a good start, congratulations. You did a good job, let's get back to the parking lot"

When we come back to the parking lot, Ryuji and Genzo came with their respective cars. I also notified Muza via text chat that I'm already at the spot.

"I know you'll come with your boys. Are you guys attending tonight's car meet?" Kitagara-sensei asked me cheerfully.
"Ah yes sir, Rantaro-san told me about it. And my friends from Tokyo will come as well later." I duly answered.
"Oh, really? That's interesting, because I have my friend from Tokyo coming as well. He has a rare car, you know."
"Eeeeeeh? What kind of car is it?"
"You'll see"

As we finished our banters, Ryuji and Genzo has already parked their cars, and Ryuji had a chat with Ryoko about my car. Meanwhile, I took some initial squad shots.

An hour has passed, and other cars has started to come. One of them is this RX-7 FD, that parked at the same lot as all of us.

The owner is Akechi (29), coming all the way from Gunma. Turns out he's that one guy who got popular at Tsukuba's paddock for having his FD resembling the RedSuns FD from Initial D. Akechi has since updated his car, with a new front bumper and new wheels. Performance wise it only has an increased turbo boost. Akechi himself doesn't appeared in Tsukuba Circuit as often as he did these days due to his business as a high-level employee, but when he does have a track day session he really enjoys it. He sasy a bit more of working and he'll be promoted to executive positions.

"Hey Edo-kun, you said your Tokyo friends will come. Or will they?" Rantaro asked me as the sun started to set.
"They will, but when exactly they'll come is the question. I hope they don't hit traffic" I answered in a worried tone.

But then, 10 minutes later, we hear an unmistakable sound of a Toyota inline-6 engine. Finally I'm able to see Muza's peak masterpiece so far, his Supra A70! :bananajump:

Following him in the back is Marc(Macaron_moon) with his shiny, brand new Subaru Impreza WRX STi GRB hatch. Well he's an Evo guy to his body cells, but given he's working for Subaru and uh, his Evo X not hitting the road for a very, very loooong time, I guess he indeed had to buy a Subaru as a daily driver. Not that I'm complaining, I love GRBs. Big and comfy enough for daily usage but of course still has that rallying pedigree.

And then, in the back of the convoy is AJ(RocketBunnyS13), driving his S2K that has been modded and lowered since the last time I saw and have AJ drive it along with me and Muza, when it's still bone stock. Once again, AJ shows his magic on lowering cars without having it scraping the tarmac all the time. He's truly a genius in styling. Also he could have brought his lovely Ichigo the S15 here, but.....given what happened to his S14, I'd say bringing the S2K instead is a safe and wise move.

As everybody gets off their cars, we shared fist bumps and high fives, followed by me introducting the trio to my fellows. Ryoko looks interested in AJ, with his nice looks and all. But then Muza told me:
"Hang on, there's one more of us. Halt the banter"
"One more? Who? Rifky(Shez)?"
"Nah, even better. You'll see by yourself"

5 minutes later, a loud, screamy V8 engine echoes through the parking lot.

I don't remember any of us having a friend who dailies an Italian car, nor someone who has bought one.......but then I remembered that someone from the forums DID bought a Ferrari recently.

"Holy sh-is that what I think is is? Tell me is he who I think he is?" I asked Muza in excitement.
"Well you better see it by yourself" Muza answers in full-on secrecy.

Then a Ferrari rolls into the lot.........

And then parked beside Muza's Supra A70. A moment later, the driver got off the car slowly, and said in a deep voice:
"Sorry for being late guys, ran into traffic earlier"
I know that voice and I can't believe the voice owner is now standing in front of my eyes.

It's the man, the myth, the legendary MACKAY himself!! :O

"YO HOLY NUMBER NINES IT'S MACKAY HIMSELF?!" I exclaimed my feelings in front of Muza.
"Yep, go ahead and greet him" Muza cheerfully confirms my guess. Then I run into Mackay and his shiny brand new 458.

"HEY MAAAAACK!!" I greeted him as I, Muza, AJ and Marc ran to him. Then we all shared fistbumps, high-fives and bro-hugs. I can't beileve myself the legendary fabricator and tuner himself has decided to pay a visit here! And in a gorgeous Ferrari as well! I felt like being ascended to another dimension. To show just how loud his 458 is, after I captured a squad pic in my phone, Mack decided to move his 458 from Muza's side to AJ's side.

After moving the 458, I introduced Mack to my fellows. While I was introdcuing him, Ryoko can be seen totally fangirling over Mack, so I added this to my introduction: "Sorry Ryoko, Mack's already married". Mack confirms this in brutal honesty: "Well yeah, he's right". Ryoko grunts and pouts in a cute manner, while Rantaro pats her head to comfort her while I, Rantaro, Muza and Marc laughed out loud. Even Rantaro almost rolled on the ground laughing! AJ and Mack simply giggles in agreement.

We continued our banters as the Tokyo crews and my fellows told each other about their own backstories. It feels like a campfire night, except there's no fire here and it's filled with awesome rides.

As the night fell, the car meet has officially began. There were a grand total of 63 cars attending, but I'm only going to cover those that gathered in our lot, since there are obviously too many to cover. There are 13 cars that gathered in our lot. Let's begin form the left side.

The first one here is a relatively rare Silvia S15 Varietta, owned and tuned by Shinji (41). The mods outright screams ninetes vibes, with that shade of red, custom leather seats, BN Sports bodykit and those wheels, which I can't remember the model. Back then he's used to race around Mt. Akagi, and he's still running there with this Varietta, though not competetively. Sometimes he also went to Nikko, either with the Varietta or his missile Cefiro. This Varietta has SR20DET inside,producing around 400 BHP. Quite a number to have wind flowing through your hair.

And beside him is Akechi's RX-7 FD. I've introduced the car a while ago, but it is worth knowing that now it produces around 420 BHP, and still can be pushed further with boost controller inside the car. Just look at it, proper and gorgeous racer it is!

Obviously, the next ones are me and my boys :D But not that Estima at the very end though, it's not one of us. Nevertheless, I'm also covering that up. Anyways, most of our cars doesn't really need to be introduced as you've seen them several times. But still, let's see what everyone's got.

Rantaro hasn't really made any progress to his Merc II and the 2JZ-GE sitting inside it, he only cleans them to concourse quality and added a brand new sound system inside. Amazingly the car still tricks people into thinking it's a legit Merc :)) that's why I love cruising with Rantaro sometimes. We could pull a smug face without actually having the right to be a smug.

Next up is my Silver Queen the Evo III. Uh, well, obviously you need to read this thread if you want to know what happened to her latelty :))

Then we have Ryuji's M3 E46 in Jagermeister Orange. Turns out Ryuji has put some upgrades to it, bringing his M3 to pack up to 442 BHP, close enough to have a grudge with my Silver Queen. Since Muza also owns an M3 E46, he exchanged notes and have a great banter with Ryuji about their cars since they finally able to meet directly. Muza also told him that one time when he brought his E46 for touge session with me and AJ.

And finally we have Genzo's plucky Clio, which also faces no update whatsoever. However, I and him has nice banter about current state of rallying around the world and he said he would like to have touge session with me someday. I think his Clio will feel like home at the twisty roads of Tsukuba Fruit Line touge :D

This is the Estima seen in the previous pictures, owned by sisters Akane (25) and Mihaya (23). Both unexpectedly came as tasteful petrolhead sto me, with their Estima sitting on airbags, Do-Luck bodykit and Weds Kranze Graben on all sides. They also did some ECU and cam tune. I, Rantaro and Marc has some great chats and comparisons about vans and estates, as well as how to tune them properly. I really want to know about them better and introduce them to Sera, who also owns an Estima which I drove once.

With Rantaro starting to pump various pop songs from his car's audio system, let's move on to the other side.

First one is this lovely, sleek and beautiful Singer 911 owned by Kitagara-sensei's friend, which doesn't want his name publicized. He's 55 and works as an import/export company CEO based at Roppongi district in Tokyo, so that explains his ability to order and import a Singer by his own. Kitagara-sensei and him used to be college friends and both are avid petrolheads, the only difference is that his friend prefers to run at the highways and grippy track days. He's still kind enough to offer me, Muza and Mack his importing services, so we're quite lucky.

And then we have Mack's gorgeous 458, which looks like a fine lady wearing luxurious silk clothing and sleek stiletto shoes, but still has Mack's trademark savage aura. It looks like what Mack has done so far to the 458 is giving it a set of 20 inches BBS LM all around wrapped in Advan AD08R tyres. It properly screams Japan Supercar tuning vibes while keeping it looking like a proper Ferrari. As for the engine, he hasn't done anything to it yet, so I'm jokingly suggest him to get parts from the GT3 or GT2 version to make it a proper racer. But eh, Mack obviously knows better what's the best for his cars.

Moving on, we have AJ's S2K that sits really low on Gram Lights 57C wheels. It also has received a performance exhaust, making that VTEC-induced rumble more audible to us. Also fun fact: The current record holder for car with highest power per liter measurement is Ferrari 458. The previous record holder is Honda S2K. And the previous record holder before the S2K is BMW M3 E36, which Mack also owns. So having Mack's 458 parked beside AJ's S2K is indeed a happy coincidence :D

Next up we have Marc's showroom stock WRX GRB. But given this is Marc, I can sense he'll work his magic touches on the engine pretty soon, at least with a light tuning. I mean, it won't be funny if both his cars are out of the action. Nevertheless, it looks so clean and graceful in white....which makes rallying this car a bit risky if you want to keep it gleaming.

To his side is Muza's ultimate statement of the tuning world, the Supra A70 with absolutely amped up 1JZ-GTE. It also screams the aggressive side of the nineties tuning world, by combining Kaminari kits with custom rear bumper that has gigantic diffusers that can slice your toes in an instant. With custom GT wing, carbon hood and TE37s as the icing on the cake, et viola, this is no doubt the most aggressive Supra A70 ever appeared here. It's properly fast as well, recently recorded to contain 621 BHP at dyno. A perfect figure for track racing and highway runs, enough to go toe-to-toe with Mack's 458.

And finally, closing the showcase is Kitagara-sensei's Levin AE86 notchback, which has been hand-tuned by him for many years and currently producing 300 BHP. Even his current old self can make it sideways! He's also a regular participant at Tsukuba's annual AE86 festival.

As the party ocntinues, we have a lot of banters and chats with various car owners, with lots of music pumping out from Rantaro's Merc II. The day's main spotlight were Rantaro's Merc II, Akechi's FD, Ryuji's M3 E46, the Singer 911, Mack's 458 and Muza's A70. Mack's 458 is certainly the one that grabs the most attention, you don't see a Ferrari everyday after all! :))

Ryoko though spiced things up when she hijacked Rantaro's audio system, pumps up 'Love Dramatic' and asked AJ to dance with her. As I expected AJ can't really dance well, but nevertheless tried his best to dance along with her. But what's more unexpected is other couples dancing along as well! Though it's justified as it's a love song. Meanwhile I, Marc, and Mihaya formed an improptu vocal trio and sing along with the song.

Ryoko's action gave me an idea. I borrowed Ryoko's phone, pumped JoJo's Bizzare Adventure's 'Canzoni Preferite' and together with Ryoko and Marc recreated the famous Torture Dance scene. Given that JoJo series are associated with men in general, everybody is surprised Ryoko can recreated all the moves perfectly. At first I sang the first bar rap from the song ("Vocal percussion from a whole 'nother level, coming through my mind!"), the joined the dance with Marc.

Then it's my turn to drive the show for a while. I pumped '3 Wheels Up' and started my impromptu rap concert, with me on vocals, everybody cheering me on and eventually some people b-boying beside me. Then I continued the streak with 'Dubplate Original', 'That's not Me', '6 in da Bloodclart Morning' and 'Forgot About Dre'. Then I continued with 'Still Dre' and 'The Next Episode', where there are alot of people knowing the lyrics so we sing along and chilled together. And finally I ended my short fame with 'It Was a Good Day' to make everyone chill out.

But no, the party didn't stop there. It was Muza ans Ryuji's turn to steal the show by pumping Eurobeat songs. Cue up around a hundred people trying to sing 'Deja Vu', 'Running in The 90s', and 'No One Sleeps in Tokyo' in unison, af if we're chanting in a football match. Then unexpectedly again Mihaya can sing the entire lyrics to 'Remember Me', while I, Marc and AJ sings 'When the Sun Goes Down'. To top it off, Ryoko and Mihaya led some people doing the Para-Para Dance when 'Dancing', 'Dancing Queen' and 'Super Dance' was blasted. Seeing Ryoko and Mihaya dancing over 'Dancing' certainly gave me [ C O O L V I B R A T I O N S ]

The party continued into the midnight as all of us jammed, exchange notes and have lots of banters together.

As dawn almost broke, one by one everyone came back to each their homes. At this point, only my fellows and Muza and co. remained in the parking lot. As we reminisced over what happened along the night and Ryuji tried to bring extremely exhausted Ryoko back to his E46, we had one final banter, then bid each other goodbyes. Muza and Mack were quick enough to leave the parking lot.......I guess they're going to have a highway battle. I really want to see it along with Marc and AJ,but oh well, I'm already tired as well. And thus, the car meet went to an definite end.
I really want to spend some more time with everyone in the lot.....perhaps next time we can even cruise together :D

Finally the heaviest update (to my laptop) I've ever done has been finished!
Let's see how my wallet survives even if there's virtually nothing happened to it:

That's all my updates for now, thank you for stopping by and see you soon!

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