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Totally not Mafia money.

It was a sad day today, I repaired her fuel pump then she started up beautiful The lovely gentlemen came in and asked nicely for permission, and I approved the permission enter my garage, while I was cleaning Tango. He was noticed my rare PS13 sitting my garage. He asked, "That nice Silvia trucked the corner, is she are for sale?" I replied, "I thinking about that..."

I have given him a good tour around my PS13 and pointing out rare parts that fitted on PS13. He was amazed when I open the bonnet the clean CA18DE. He said, "That clean and rare engine, most people would do bolt turbo kit, or swap it." I replied, "Yea, I refused given her modified, I owned her for the month. I want to sell to a collector or museum." I discover, he was explaining about he doing collecting rare JDM motor and parts, he was impressed test driving my PS13 so he is given the price, 18,000 V$ so I accepted it.

Its time to say goodbye PS13. No longer need it because, I'm living in Tokyo which is it a busy place, and I need to buy kei car to easier parking space.

Anyway, its good thing having massive cash, so I can focus my Tango ready on 5th April, Big Smoke and hopeful Frank could come. I need to give her good inspected and clean up, my girlfriend was shopping, and she found clear sales, and she gives me the bonnet pin. She said, "I hear you going to track, so here bonnet pin, so you won't worry bonnet random flipped open." I was happy, and I paid to her same price what she paid for it, then I head to the garage, I doing measuring twice and drill then rival on the bonnet to make bonnet pin nice and tight.

The bonnet pin was handly. I can't wait to give Tango track abused. What did, I do with large cash at my wallet? I going to buy kei car and buying suspensions part for Tango, allowing more adjustable and gripper, also hopeful I could get gripper tyres if I need to.

Importation, I'm picking up my dad his car will be coming to my garage for service and inspect at tomorrow (of course, I will give his car back the same spot where I pick up), he doesn't want garage fuck around his car, I can't tell you what is the car, its something "fanboy" common and legendary car. I will explain why my dad doesn't drive himself tomorrow plus more details.

My wallet...
Starting cash ~ 15 V$.
PS13 ~ + 18,000 V$
Fuel pump ~ - 50 V$
Bonnet pin ~ - 20 V$
Total leftover ~ 17,945 V$.
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