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Rules are meant to be broken :))
It's the same in my country but who cares?You can pay "extra" for inspection so you will get it roadworthy and police can't do shit about your car unless they call the "car inspection police" which they check for exhaust emissions,noise,then for engine mods,engine code so you can't swap it aswell and illegal light mods like angel eyes and xenons;also window tints.They do be a pain in the ass but over here money talks sweeter than the rules
P.S forgot to add.In each one of the cases that I presented above,if your car fails to prove that it is actually "roadworthy" they will confiscate the car's papers and you will have to pay a fine,undo the mods and redo the "special inspection" in which they test it like they test new cars when they get registered.Another member of VS posted a car meet from Bucharest and as you can see,police isn't that anal about mods but if they have to get the "target of inspected cars" and "confiscating papers" target at the end of the month,they will fuck with you regardless of your car.

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