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Burning Rubber Festival

Finally got time to write again, and it is time for the update you've (probably) been waiting for:
Yup, this is, no doubt about it, the Ebisu Summer Drift Matsuri special update! :D
Join me as I plunge myself head-first into non-stop 36 hours of sideways shenanigans with lots of friends!
Will I and my hastily-built X110 survive and make it out alive? Check out the answer by jumping into the update below! ;)

[11 Aug 2019]
Time to roll to Ebisu, ladies and gentlemen! The gates at Ebisu for the Drift Matsuri opens at 6am, but uhhhh......I don't really feel like to wake up early, since the trip to the circuit would take circa 3,5-4 hours with regular traffic pattern. So rather than having myself wake up in the darkest of nights and suffering an ultra-cold shower, I woke up at 5am to have myself preparing stuff, have a proper shower and brekkie before going to the circuit. Ebisu, by the way, is located at Fukushima prefecture, but don't worry, it's not(if not barely) affected by nuclear fallout as the result of the nuclear reactor leakage some years ago, as my friend Sleepy(sleepin mOnkey) would assure.

After preparing my sleeping bag, some spare clothes including spare undie and hoodie, bathing equipments and a light amount of snacks, I set off at 6am from my crib to Ebisu. If you're wondering, yes, I plan to stay at the circuit for the night. Not only I get to experience the Drift Matsuri the proper way, I also can cut cost over the entrance fee and accomodation. Whether I can sleep comfortably remains to be seen though.

Thankfully the traffic to Ebisu isn't really crowded, particularly because everyone who wants to go there are alredy inside. I arrived at the entrance gate at 10am. Normally Ebisu ticket attendant would charge you around V$90 to enter the track if you want to drive on regular days, but for Drift Matsuri events it's doubled to V$200. At this point I should point out that Ebisu has not only one but three Drift Matsuris, which are at spring, summer and autumn. So if you miss this year's Summer Matsuri, there's still one more chance to experience it at the Autumn Matsuri. And you should come here sometime, it's quite crowded with drivers and enthusiast! It's like finding yourself trapped inside a foggy bee hive performing a marching band show :))

And oh yah, they also offer annual golden pass if you don't want to pay a lot everytime you visit the track. The golden pass costs V$1000, plus V$0.5 everytime you visit the track as an insurance coverage. If you want to go to the track but only want to go watching people go sideways instead of joining them, spectator tickets are priced at V$15. Okay back to my journey, we've veered a bit too far. I headed up to the Minami course gate......but not to the famous Minami course, but rather than that the drift school course first. Since my X110 was built in an barely believeable ultra-short window of time, I want to make sure this thing definitely can go sideways without turning into a box of molotov or thousand kilos of steel knives.

The drift school is, as the name suggests it, a perfect place to learn drifting skills and fine-tuning your car to drift in general. It's short, has lots of corners and covers various kinds of them, allowing easy drift chains and nurture drivers safely, as it doesn't demand much power to make your car go sideways. Also, it's located at the top of the hill near the Minami course, so not only you can watch rookie and newbie drifters learning the ropes of drifting here, when you're bored you can simply turn your back and see the regulars and pros showing how it's done at the Minami course down below.

Here I also met my two friends! The first one is Sleepy with his MS13 convertible missile and HPDE training tool. Read how he built it here and here! It's an LHD MS13 as I've mentioned, exactly the same model as my Kaede the vert. In Sleepy's case, he replaced the engine with (of course!)the good ol' SR20DE, with an ITB setup and some top-stuff performance parts. Originally Sleepy relied on lots of junkyard visits and his crafting skills while building the the vert, but eventually he made it even more proper and handsome now, emitting a mix of bosozoku, drift missile and even Mad Max/survival car vibe. And the overall setup also gives a great platform that he doesn't really worry to let his students abuse over. He can fix it in no time :D

The second one is Rifky(Shez), which you might remember attended the last time attack event together with me on my offer and did very well with his DC5. This is his second car, an S14 Kouki with some mods. He didn't put a lot of engine mods so far, but alredy invested on proper suspension setup and of course those SSR SP1 wheels. It truly screams simple grassroots vibes with the choice of fitment and wheels. Later on Rifky can be seen flinging it out easily, just like cooking a potato inside an oven.

With all preparations and chatters done, I hit the track in a flurry of burnt rubber.

As I expected, the track was relatively easy to drift around, a bit like Nikko but smaller and shorter. I slide around the corners without pretty much any problems........

..........except probably one: The pit wall encourages you to do a wall tap, but not only I rarely perform taps, it's a bit difficult to approach the walls for me. As you can see here, my first try didn't set anyone's heart on fire as I'm considerably still far away from the wall. Oh well, at least this makes linking the first corner and the chicanes much easier to do.

And so, for the next laps I kept on running and chaining drifts, hoping to nail the walltap properly. Sometimes I eventually nailed it like this......

.....ooor I didn't nail it at all, resulting in bitter sights like this. Don't worry, car is fine, though obviously there are some dents and the passenger side window got cracked from the impact. And I'm still able to nail the tap again, smashing the rear bumper in the process. My man Marcus(marcus915) once told me the X110 are strong enough to receive some missile abuse.....I guess he's right, so far it felt like a tank :))

After a while of more runs I decided to finally move to the Minami circuit. Finally I'm going to set my foot to the holy land of drifting! :D

At the Minami paddock I met some more great friends! First off is Franklin(well, Franklin), with his brand new G35 project. Not a lot has done both to the exterior and the internals, Franklin simply replace the VQ-DE engine with the VQ-HR variant and add up som ebolt-on parts, fit a proper coilover set and fitted aftermarket bodykits, then paint it, and et viola, a great looking modern hotboi drifter. The livery looks so nice as well, which might explains why Franklin rained his windows with stickers instead the of placing them on the body sides.

For the second one, the last time I mentioned him, I didn't include a pic of his car. Now here it is, feast your eyes on the period-correct hotboi vibes from Ymani(turbotuned) and his RPS13. As I've mentioned before, Ymani is a grassroots drifting journo and also a huuuge fan of Japanese 90's and early 00's drifting scene in general, especially the hotboi era codified by the likes of A-Bo-Moon team or individuals like Mitsuru Haruguchi, who later found the 326power performance brand(Fun fact: the number 326 can be read as 'Mi-tsu-ru', therefore spelling his name. The same can be applied to Keiichi Tsuchiya's personal brand, K1-Planning(formerly Kei Office), where K1 can be read as 'Kei-ichi'). Therefore missing Ebisu Matsuri can be considered as an uhhh....a sin to Ymani. He's also kind enough to give me some pointers, particularly over the Minami wall straight. He said if you're not confident or fast enough when approaching it, trying to jump over the famous kerb section isn't recommended, and instead just follow the flatter outer areas.

Before I went into the track, I decided to see how Franklin and Ymani run aroud the track to get a reference. I gotta say, their runs are majestic sights you should see at least once in your lifetime.....both are silk smooth and flows like a calm river. With references taken, I went off to the track.

The Minami circuit is quite a blast to run on, but turns out requires quite a lot of skills to have your car going sideways. The first section is fine, but the second one......oh boy. As someone who rarely drifts, particualrly in high speeds, this felt like being aksed to do a backflip as a toddler, which predictably didn't end well as I run uphill and screwed my entry. At least I barely managed to stop the car, so damage control went just fine and I can get back to the action quickly.

But all in all everything went just fine, as I started to get the hang of drifting here. Even eventually I learned how to do a walltap at the straights, though so far I still can't get close enough to get into the wall.

The only other time things went wrong was when I attempted to drift at the same spot I spun earlier. This time though, I went even faster, and as a result I smashed the X110's boot and rear bumper in a failed reverse entry.

But just like as before, the X110 just shrugged it off and soldiered on for more rubber toasting activities.

After a while, I pulled over to the pit lane, had lunch at the circuit's canteen, and move on to the Nishi circuit at the back of the Minami circuit. Normally, Nishi circuit and Higashi circuit are grip-only circuit due to it's high speed nature and filled with lots of straightaways. But in every Ebisu Matsuri they're available to drift around given that you're able to do high speed drifts. And oh, you can still do grip track days as well during hte Matsuri if you want, but obviously you have to yield to the drifters. There are some FWD cars doing trackdays here, mostly cpomposed of kei cars and a bunch of Civics.

I'd say if you aren't too confident on entering the first corner, just don't enter it sideways. On the other hand, the next ones are a bliss to go sideways on. I love the third one though, it felt like going on a reverse rollercoaster ride! :D

I kinda enjoy driving in Nishi rather than Minami. You don't have to link your runs and because it's a grip circuit, I can learn how to drive on the track as well. Usually the Nishi circuit serves as the closing round of Attack Maximum Challenge time attack championship calendar, so I would like to come here again to do some time attack business. And if there are any other interesting TA events here, I might expand my competitive calendar for next year to include visits to this circuit.

At the end of each day of all Ebisu Matsuris, the Nishi circuit will be modified into a short but challenging playground to drift around. This is usually never done on regular days, so lots of drifters will flock to Nishi circuit to experience this short layout. So to elaborate, you start at the exit of T2, then go around T3 forming a queue........

At the top of the hill you'll find a fork. If you turn right, you'll go to the regular long circuit route. To take the short circuit route, turn left, then turn right as you chuck your car to initiate a drift as you go downhill.

As you arrive at the bottom of the hill that usually serves as T1, shed some speed, do a manji and turn left. Do another quick manji to the right to go back to the normal direction. Then follow the usual route as you slide around T2.

You remember those slopes at kiddie playgrounds you used to climb and slide on as a toddler? Yeah, it felt exactly like that, except you're now a grown-up adult in a car doing it manually. The amount of fun, though, is unbeatable, particularly when you got some mates to do tandem, forming a barrage of cars raining down the hill in a flurry of smoke and noise. The action went on as the sun sets......

.....and on, even as darkness fell and the bright moon rises. As you can see, dents are spreading all over my X110 as a result of continous tandem runs up and down the hill. But hey, that's what missile cars are for after all. Had I brought my ER34 instead I might cower in the pitlane for the remainder of the day or even go back home earlier than I should.

Finally, at 10pm, I decided that I had enough for the day and went for a snack and good night sleep. Since it's rather cold outside, I decided to sleep behind my car so I can get some warmth from the exhaust and my sleping bag. Sleeping at Nishi helps too as the pitlane is rather far from the short course, so car noises can be reduced. At this point, most racers are either flocking to Minami or Kita circuit which has better lighting, or to the touge course sandwiched between Kita and Higashi circuit for quite obvious reasons. As remaining cars dances around the track and performing a symphonic lullaby to resting racers, I began to sleep.

[12 Aug 2019]
Morning and paycheck came, the sun rises, and I had quite a great sleep behind the X110. Thankfully everything went fine and none of my stuff were lost. My due, it wasn't all good news though: The track canteen at Nishi circuit hasn't opened yet, and worse, the bathroom has insufficient water to have a shower in. Fortunately, a fellow driver informed me that the canteen at Kita circuit has opened for the day, though the bathroom is corwded there. I decided to just skip bath and went off to Kita circuit.

After a proper brekkie at the canteen, it's time to rock on and run on the Kita circuit. I love the smell of tempura, fuel and burnt rubber in the morning......that's one hell of a mixture to wake up your senses, ignite your mind and spirit, and get you ready for the day.

Just like the Minami wall straight, the start-finish straight at the Kita circuit is another great spot to do a walltap, usually combined with sanpatsu/triple flick as a method to enter T1 in better accuracy. Once again though, it looks like I overcooked it again. Nevertheless, the X110 is still unfazed and carried on running sideways.

The Kita course for the most parts flows much better and is actually easier than the Minami circuit, at least that's what I thought. And so I didn't hold myself back for fully sending the X110 around, as well as joining several tandems.

The fun stopped for a while though as my passenger side door eventually received too much love taps from other drivers, severely bending it. Track marshalls deemed this rather unsafe and told me to pull in to fix it. Thankfully some drivers are kind enough to help me on the door straightening process, even though all we got at that moment are only hammers and crowbars. After all, we're all united here as a huge community, brotherhood and family ;)

Door fixing business done, I went off to the Minami course to grab lunch.....and my, I met even more friends! Rifky, Ymani and Franklin are still sticking around from Day 1, but there are even more famous names on Day 2. Apparently for various reasons they can only make it at Day 2.

First one here is Muza(Niatross) with his new whip, an ECR33. Having worked on Nismo for a while, Muza found it rather ironic for not having a proper Nissan as a daily(he and his good friends does have a ton of S-Chassis, but none are ready to roll iirc and/or registered to his name). Working at Nismo's Omori factory does seem to do some wonders for him as well, as he's able to secure some Nismo goodies to apply on the ECR33, including the BCNR33 wing and Nismo LMGT4 wheels, as well as rare ECR33 optional parts.

Of course Muza is rolling with his entire crew that day! And finally after a looooong while I get to see Marc(Macaron_moon) again, this time rocking a new S15. The S15 was acquired from his good friend and the crew's long-time partner, Jorge(Ward). The Vertex Edge bodykit has been on the car since back then, but the engine was blown and Jorge had no time to restore it, so he handed it to Marc. And finally, after some time, it runs again in fresh and healthy condition.

AJ(RocketBunnyS13) is also present, though somehow I didn't see his lil bro Brian(Brian 06) running with him. This one is another of his S14, bought after destroying one when I visited their garage in a dark night. This one though still has some of the parts that survives form said crash, notably engine mods and front end parts. It's also sporting a brand new paint job and once again posing as one of the crew's demo car. And because this is a demo car, AJ decided to adorn it with period-correct 90s grassroot styling......and boi did he nail it very well!

But turns out they weren't the only one coming in! Turns out the Seoul Tuners boys I met some time ago in America are also attending the Drift Matsuri, as a part of their annual tour program to promote their community and of course, enjoying the homeland of drifting. They came to the circuit together with their lead mechanic and representative, Aho-san, who's responsible to keep and maintain the cars in Japan, since shipping the cars from South Korea to Japan obviously takes some time as they experienced last year.

Here is their jewel of the crown and the start of their tour for the year, a Chaser JZX100 that has been worked on by 11K(11000rpm) and Aho-san for some time. 11K wanted to combine 90's hotboi vibes with some modern-day competitive aura, hence the competition-esque overall look combined with the flake paintjob and loads and loads and loads of low........I can't even believe he could achieve this level of ride height without barely breaking anything! :O All of this are topped with competition-spec 1JZ engine and ultra-strong 326power brake setup. 11K said Aho has fine-tune the car around Japan for some time to achieve this kind of setup, including several visits to Tsukuba circuit. I should admit, this is definitely one of the coolest rides I've ever seen.

Of course the leader of Seoul Tuners, Soju(well, Soju), is also present, but what surprises me was his ride for the event wasn't his own ride! But given the circumstances I mentioned earlier, this actually made sense. This S14 is owned by our friend Ziga(Lagano) from the Side to Side crew, who sadly can't attend this year's event due to various projects occupying his and the crew's schedule. So he trusted the keys of the S14 to Soju to promote both Seoul Tuners and Side to Side, as well as the latter's shop and mod brand, Art of Wheels and Opposite Style.

Just like what I did at Day 1, I decided to watch everyone rip and blast around the track for a while before getting myself into the action. 11K proved to be the fastest of the bunch that I can't catch a pic of him blasting in front of me! :)) Of course everyone will have their own updates so stay tuned on their threads for more pics from them! ;)

After a while, I joined into the action as well, and once again finding myself attempting yet another wall taps.

After a while though, it looks like finally my car has begin to fall apart. First, the throttle jammed mid-drifting, leading to this peculiar sight.

Thankfully the marshalls are kind enough to help me limp the car back to the pits. And so, I spent several next minutes with Franklin, Muza and some other drivers on fixing the throttle at the pits.

Some time later I rejoined the action, but because I'm an ambitious moron, plunged straight into another problem as what I feared became true: I overcooked the Minami wall tap, bouncing the X110 to the other side and almost making it climbing the catch fence.

I managed to get it under control again, though not for long before I found myself slamming the wall again. This resulted in the driver's side window cracked and combined with the previous impact, my steering wheel judders a bit and it look slike the front right arm was slowly falling apart.

Despite all of that, I kept on moving knowing that my car would fall apart anyways. Strangely enough, I got better! I even finally able to do the Minami wall tap properly with a broken car!

But of course my luck didn't last long, as eventually I crashed once more and almost completely crushing the front right arm, as well as finally breaking the driver's side window, spraying debris of glass into my hands, laps and face. Thankfully I wore my trusty helmet and most of the debris didn't pierece thorugh my clothing, so I only suffered from light wounds. And so, I limped it back to the pits for more extensive repairs, as well as removing glass debris from myself and my seat and tending some of my wounds.

As finally I've done fixing the arms and lights with anything I can find on the track, hammer, and welds, the Nishi circuit has been converted to Nishi short course again, so I and all the boys swarmed to the site to enjoy drifting there again and buzz our cars down the hill for one last time.

And finally, the sunset at 6pm marks the end of the Ebisu Summer Drift Matsuri. After one last lap around the Nishi short circuit, we all grouped at the pits to have a quick rest and say our goodbyes before we all part ways to our cribs........

.......except not all of us are going directly back to our cribs. Soju, Aho-san and 11K are continuing their trip around Japan, while I headed to a nearby public hot springs to finally clean myself and having a proper, relaxing cooldown after more than 24 hours of going sideways and fixing my car. Luckily the medic bath(a hot spring area where the water is mixed with various herbs for skin care) is open and not a lot of people were there, so I went straight there and finally have a proper bath to clean my dirty, scruffy and wounded body.

In the middle of glorious bath session someone called me. It was Benny(well, Benny), far away from the US of A. I wonder what is he up to this time?

"Hey Edo, it's me Benny"
"Yoooo Benny, how's your summer apart from working on the Lambo?"
"The Lambo's done and ready to roll so now I'm moving back to the Supra"
"Hey that's great! Glad you've finished it finally, must have costed you a ton"
"It was" *chuckles* "Hey listen, are you free at the moment?"
"Aah yeah, just have finished Ebisu Drift Matsuri my man. A bit of pity you guys can't make it, but props to y'all for lending Soju your S14"
"After all we gotta make an appearance in a way or another" *laughter* "I'd like you to come to USA again"
"Again? What are we going to do?"
"Working on the Supra, probably as well as the Porsche. As usual you can borrow one of our rides if you want"
"Oh cool! Who else is also on the list?"
"Well, only Soju so far"
"That's okay though, my next race is still a long way to go. When I'll be flying there?"
"August 18th. I'll give you the ticket details after the call"
"Okay bossman, thank you very much for the offer. See you when I get stateside"
"Looking forward to your visit, see you there"

Dang, another trip to USA? I thought my summer can't get better than this but IT ACTUALLY COULD! I kinda wish I could bring my Foxbody but given the shipping time, I might not have enough time to drive it stateside. After all, ever since it arrived to the soil of Japan, it simply sat in my garage doing nothing. I'm planning to either turn it into a dragster or simply sell it, but I'm not sure if there's enough interest around Japan.

After hours of hot bath, finally I drove home with no driver window and front arms barely surviving, as well as ruined rear bumper and boot. What's next for the X110? I might bring it to somehwere else like Nikko, Setonaikai, Sekia Hills or Meihan, as long as it survives in the process. But for now, expect myself to halt it's usage for some time.

[13 Aug 2019]
With the X110's intended use fullfilled and the assurance of it's not going to need any spares at the moment, I decided to list some of the stock parts for sale to recoup some money I spent on modding it. So what I listed for sale are these: Stock wheels and tyres for V$2000 since they looked quite fine, stock AT transmission assembly for V$1000, stock handbrake assembly for V$200, stock springs for V$100 and the stock 1JZ-GE exhaust header for V$300.

Later that day, Muza called me on the phone.

"Yo Edo, Muza here"
"Oh hey man, what's up? How's lunchtime at Omori feels like?"
"Ehh....just like your usual high school lunch but better I should say"
*laughter* "Anyways what's up? Anything I can help?"
"Ah yes, AJ and I are planning for a BBQ Satuday night at our base. You in?"
"Um, what kind of BBQ though?"
"Pork, beef, lamb. We might throw some chicken in as well"
"Beef and chicken? Oooooh now that's what I want! Hey we might able to cook some spicy wings as well!"
"Good idea actually, I'll ask AJ and Marc to get the spice ingredients. Oh yah, for the BBQ you can pick any body parts you like"
"That's an absolute yes for me then! At what time of day you're going to start cooking?"
"Nice, see ya at Saturday then!"
"See ya man, glad you're able to come"

Having a BBQ party before going to USA? Now that's what I call a good life! :D

[17 Aug 2019]
At this point everything I've listed for sale has been sold for V$3600. Finally I'm able to regain some of my money again! :D Later that day I went off to Tokyo to Muza's place to attend the aformentioned BBQ party. Aside from Muza, AJ and Marc, there are some other of our friends as well, such as Rifky, Franklin, Ymani and even Marcus. As I arrive at the HQ, I parked my Silver Queen between Marc's S15 and Ymani's RPS13. AJ's S14, Franklin's Supra and Marcus's BRZ were parked inside the HQ.

Me:*exits car and closes door* "Yo chaps, sorry I'm late, had a bit of traffic thrown at me"
Muza:"Finally, look who's coming boys! Our homie Big Smoke!"
*fistbumps and brohugs ensues*
Me:"So anything I can help at the moment?"
Muza:"Oh sure sure, you can chop and beat the meat with me...." *massive laughter* "....rev the grill with Marcus or prepare the spices with AJ"
Me:"I'm in no mood to get dirty so uhh.....where's AJ?"
Muza:"Inside. Franklin, you can go with him"
Franklin:"Yay! Come on Biggie, this way"
*walks inside*

Franklin:"I assume you've cook BBQs before so you're concerned with spices?"
Me:"Nooo, but yes I can cook various things. Reminds me of my childhood too when I see my mom or grandma cook stuff as well"
Franklin:"Sounds like good times I should say"
Me:"It was, and eventually I learn to cook myself. Oh hey AJ, what you got over there?"
AJ:"My man Edo, welcome! Ah you know, just the usual BBQ sauce, salt and pepper. I got some onion, potato, tomato and chili as well if you want-"
Me:"Nice! I'll prep the sauce and dips. A good thing you got both the veggie and sauce as well for variety. Anything else?"
AJ:"Garlic, soy ketchup, and uhhh.....peanuts"
Franklin:"Sorry to interrupt guys, but I'll prepare the grills. See y'all later"
Me: "See ya later mate" *snap hands* "I have an idea. Have you tried peanut sauce before?"
Me:"Let me show you how to do it. Trust me, it's a multipurpose tool. Hand me a bit of those garlic man"
AJ:"Okay. Can I chop the rest of it?"
Me:"Roger that, and don't cry in the process" *laughter, then proceeds to play 'Clair de Lune' on the phone*

Night fell as I and AJ continue to prepare the spices, sauces and dips. Marc, Rifky and Muza were preparing the meat, and Marcus, Ymani and Franklin were preparing the grill. Finally, at 8pm, everything is ready and we start to lay down all the meats. Some are prepped as standard with salt, sauce and pepper, some are marinated in tomato, chili and peanut sauce, some has chili powder and some are marinated with various other combos of spices I and AJ prepared as an experiment and to provide more variety.

After some time, finally we made a hell lot of BBQs! Plates, forks, knives and various kinds of drinks were passed on. Marcus, Ymani and AJ opted to have their BBQs with beer and/or vodka on the side. Franklin, Muza and I opted to have our BBQs with baked potatoes and soft drinks. Meanwhile Marc and Rifky simply had theirs with water and spicy wings on the side. Hilariously Muza and AJ opted to eat their BBQs on their respective rides(ECR33 and S14)'s spoiler :)) I tried this as well, only to find that the Silver Queen's spoiler wasn't wide enough to accomodate my plate. Marc tried this as a joke on Franklin's Supra, only to have his BBQ almost slid off the spoiler and plate, with Franklin visibly brandishing the BBQ knife at him from afar.

Drinks and snacks were passed, stories were told, songs were sung and guitars were strummed(apparently Marc and Muza are able to play guitar, with both of them having an intense guitar duel later on) and we utilized the grill and the rest of the coal as bonfire as we all circled behind the HQ and enjoying our platters of BBQs.....we made a lot of them eventually I ate four of them :)) And in the end Marcus, Ymani and AJ were drunk and high like an Airbus plane they can't even differ which is right and left, so Muza had himself and them sleep at the HQ. Rifky meanwhile had a case of chili sauce overdose and had to chug a lot of water bottles to banish the hotness of the sauce.

Later on I went home to get some sleep before going to Narita airport at the next day for my USA trip. But man, I really would like to have another BBQ satnite sometime.

[18 Aug 2019]
It's time to roll to Narita Airport. As way back before, Ziga will pick me up at DFW Airport at Dallas, TX and this time the plane will depart sooner than before, so I already oke up at 4am to prepare pretty much everything for the trip. At 6am I already have myself grabbing a Grab to Narita Airport, and finally at 10am I departed from Narita to DFW in a 12 hour trip.

I'll tell the rest of it at the next update, so stay tuned! ;)

Wew boi finally got time to write again!
Here's how my wallet stands up after a huge shenanigans at Ebisu and Tokyo:

That's all my updates for now, thank you for stopping by and see you soon!

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