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As the title says we are getting closer and closer to the SEMA deadline, but also the car is getting more and more parts every days!!!!!!

So 5 days ago when I closed my self in the garage to work on the S2K body, SoJu, Edo and Ziga worked on the G35, installing some of the parts that have arrived from some of our sponsors

First things first, I pronounce you Car and Engine, you may rev the Engine now

A while ago we pulled out the S85B50 from the E34, sealed the engine from the outside effects and kept it stored safely, the trio inspected the engine bay and they fabricated engine mounts that would support the beast, also they had to cut the firewall a bit and the fenders but nothing too scary.....

I have to say a JOB WELL DONE!!!!, I definetly couln't install it so beautiful like that, I am glad that I had SoJu and Edo to help us out, but the pain doesn't end there hehe sadly.....

Our friends for Car Shop Glow helped us out by repairing the original head and tail lights, also they blacked out the headlights and tinted the tail lights, CSG also helped us out with a window tint for our rear windows and rear windshield.

Also all the body parts from our sponsor Jessys Auto Body Shop have arrived but only the front fenders and side skirts were installed for now cause we still need to fiddle with the engine and the exhaust pipe since we don't have any right now......

There is still a lot left to do for this G35 to be compleat but we are almost there......

As far as paint goes, the paint is in decent condition there is no rust what so ever, all the crash damage has been replaced and there is absolutly no need to repaint the car, but there comes a problem both me and Ziga don't like the look of this gay..... Whoops I mean gray color so we will change it when we finish all the body work........
But by the time that we are finished with it probably we won't have enough time to disassemble the car, media blast it and paint so what we will do is take the car to Protective Film Solutions in Los Angeles, I used to work with them on some parts for the R34 and R33, they will wrap the G35 in the color and design we like in a record time.....

That is all updates on the G35, We are expecting the car to start runing tomorrow, latest day after tomorrow, get all body panels on there and test drive it cause the suspenssion is still an unknown to us and we need to get this engine used to this car.......

FRANKLIN came with a 40Ft truck full of gifts!!!!!!!

I will just copy paste this from @Franklin, the list everything that came in the boxes

"Found a 6266 Turbo kit, front facing intake, clutch kit, 1000cc injectors, fuel pump and pressure regulator, AEM Infinity ECU and a letter*
Letter : Hi Benny! How is it going? Frank told us about all of your projects, specially about your High mileage Supra project,
and we wanted to hook you up with parts, over 10k $ of parts for your project! But don't worry for the cash,
this is our gift and our support for this special project, hopefully this car will be kicking ass in no time!
Enjoy it!"


I would like to thank Franklin and SLP for the gifts and the support that they are giving to my high milage hero.....

First things first, I talked with SoJu who is my 2JZ mentor and the only guy except me and Ziga that lays his hands on my Supra hehe,

Benny : Hey Lee, can we slap all these parts on to my stock block??

Lee : Don't worry, OEM block is durable, and it will hold the amount of HP you are throwing at it"

So the lead on this project saw SoJu and we all did as he says so here it goes.....

First we had to took out the pipes and the manifold. And took out the transmission to replace the clutch kit as well

So one crew was doing the engine stuff while the other was on the transmission.....

SoJu, Edo and Franklin worked on the engine to install the turbo kit, while me and Ziga worked on the clutch kit replacement, cause that was the only part which we could do properly without fcking things up.....

We managed to make everything fit, created mounts for the intercooler, and had some more fabricating to do but all in all it fits perfectly, but the best thing is, it sounds perfect as well......

All in all one day well spent, we had a lot of fun working on the supra, the build was suposed to come as free from all the support but in the end it costed me 2 24 packs of redbull, damn SoJu drinks them a lot hehe!!!!! P.S. No I didn't took out Edo for a meal cause he would spent all my budget fund on No9's


Last night we had a surprisse visit from @Parker, he came around to say hi to our gests and to talk with me in private.....

Benny : Whats up bro?

Parker : "Hey man I am pretty busy with shit so I can not take car of this car anymore, so I am returning it to you, all the title papers are inside and ready for a transfer"

Benny : "Well, can I help you with something????? BTW NP, thank you for taking good care of it till now"

Parker : "Nah, its nothing serious just time consuming"

The R34 came back as it left,just now I need to get it registered on my name again and slap some plates on it.....

9000RPM AGAIN!!!!!

A small task on the S2K build was compleated, the F20C is back in the car and ready to rev to that magical 9000RPM redline again!!!!!!!

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