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i . r e a l l y . d i d . i t .

So since i sold my 33 and 14 is almost finished i need another project. What else could it be than good old 180. Yes i bought 1989 Nissan Silvia S13 - 180sx for V$1000. What are the catches?

It has no drivetrain and itself is unfinished project.

I think it was a steal since look at how perfect it is in it's inperfection. Fully tubular front end with stancy coils and cut wheel wells.

Front no name wide fenders.

Kranze weds all the way around with 245/20 tires.

Already cut rear fenders for wide body.

It has stripped down interior, no seats no steering wheel, but can you see it? No?

Take a closer look. OMEGA RARE optional digital dash. I was surprised to see it but it's option from stock that i never saw before.

Better look for cut rear fenders.

Has crashed trunk but i can just buy another one not a big deal. Crashed and zipped rear bumper but who's gonna keep stock body on a car with tubular front and already cut rear fenders?

Also clear rear tailights with middle tailight being just a metal.

Previous owner was going really nuts on rear fitment just look at how wide it is.

And yea it needs skirts as front fenders are completely out of place.

So what are the plans you might ask. Honestly i for sure need to find a good bodykit with wide body, rims, engine, interior. Am i gonna drift it? Maybe yes maybe no, it might be too nice of a car to destroy in drift lol. I wanna make it bigger power since i have lower power 14 as a daily but still. I wanna focus a lot on looks of this car might even throw a stock ca18 or smthg. Oh yea and of course we go pop up way. If anyone is interested in these fenders and wheels hmu.

Also what you wanna see me do more or less in rp? Am i doing things right? If i don't then what is it. Maybe i can improve the quality of posts anyway. Any feedback is more than welcome :D

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