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# TheDarkDoge : Okay guys, I'm a complete nub when it comes to taking screenshots and editing them. So if someone could teach/explain how to do that, that would be excellent! What I want to know is how you take the pictures and what you guys use to edit them with.

1. Fraps, first remember to set it on PNG, under the Screenshot section.
2. Find a nice spot, then first press 3 to freeze time, then press F9 to get a free view, then TAB to remove the OSD and minimap.
3. + or - to add or decrease FOV (sorta like zoom) till 60-70% of the pic is the car (mostly depending on car)
4. Press F10 to take a screenshot (Fraps standard key)

Optionals are enb's, env's or photoshop if you have those installed :)

Added 2 minutes later:

# munkeh : any one help me fix the issue with my engines only being able to rev to about 5-6k rpm? its like this for every engine i have except for the jzgte it has no issue revving to 9k like it should.

Click the screwdriver (fine tune) and click the engine block to adjust the redline :) but dont make it go into the over destruction point zone