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#7114   2011-05-19 11:43          
# D1Racer : Nice time JC!!

I did get into 1:17's :o but fucking game crashed on me and had no time to redo it, good job bro :)

ty, ye i got into 18.1x at the last turn it registered a "track cut" x[ well 19 was good enough..

Added 45 seconds later:

# Mantuska1` : aaa man i forgot to post my time :facepalm: was runing at 1.20 :(

you always do lol :D better do it before the deadline so everytime you get a better lap post it..

Added 22 seconds later:

# SqualleD : 1:43:2xx on Laguna with the Evo. Its really hard to drive with the deadzone :/

what wheel have u got/
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