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@Jaziba sssshhh i was tired xD

@Drifty thanks! Still working on it haha
i didn't do extremely much on the engine.
421 Exhaust manifauld
straight pipe as replacement for the catalystic converter
stainless steel exhaust
8mm Spark cables(instead of the 7.5mm stock ones)
Pod filter (gonna go back to stock since it dips when i fully throttle from lower revs, throttle response is quicker tho)

Suspension is a D1 Spec coilover set with adjustable stiffness, a way to change the rebound on the dampers and a seperate way to adjust the height(instead of tightening the spring itself it uses a different way, don't know how to explain it haha)
and a TR lane cage to stiffen the chassis and safety.
i tried a strut brace on the front but removed it since it created a lot of understeer on wet roads.

plans are to get chassis rails to protect the chassis and try to get some more stiffness