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Whaddup Stancers!

Had a driftday last sunday didn't went that great since i had a lot of trouble with understeer and some sort of braking "failure" the brake response felt really spongy, ran of the track and lost both bolts that connect the exhaust header to the rest of the exhaust and damn it was loud! On the way home my mate got problems with his alternator, car stopped running while he was driving and as the good friend i am, i suggested to tow him home, 60km, at a speed of 110km/h passing other cars on the highway :awesome: but we survived it! Interested in the guy behind Snowfox? I had a shitty sort of interview with one of the guys from DriftMania and a vid they created with action shots!
Also the 4 point harness arrived! The pics showed are a test fit at an information day from a school near here.

Fixing the exhaust!

Towing my mate :D not that safe with a distance of 1.50m plus minus xD

Action shots of my mates Miata and my other mate his S14

Some drift vids from my Instagram
LOUD NOISES! Straight piped yo
Coming in hot!
Inside view with loud noises!

Driftmania TV episode one(if you don't want to watch the entire vid skip to 2:35)

Drift shots of the day! With loud noises :awesome: (first shot of me at 2:25)

dirty bitch :D

Information day and hey look! My old car!