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This is a topic, where you can post pictures about your bicycles, a cool story or anything that is about related.

Yo, some you of already know that my other passion is bicycles. Especially BMXes & fixed gear bikes. I have had a lot different bikes, but at the moment I only use 2 of them. I'll start talking about my BMX...

I have owned 5 BMX bikes in total, & my current the best (started with bmxing in 2012). It's full custom, which means that it's bought & put together part by part, I think the way is best because then you can select any part you'd like with exact specifications you want. What BMX trick style/type do I ride? The rare flatland. But what's flatland? It's a type of tricks, other types are like dirt jumping, skatepark etc. Flatland is doing tricks on plain, flat ground without any ramps or other props usually. I'm still learning a lot tricks, thou' I haven't made any clips yet of what I could do. I'm posting a clip of tricks by my good friend Bert Ribul (who has a lot sponsors, like Red Bull, Vans, etc)who have helped me the most in flatland.

I started with this setup since 2015 beginning, as I got the frame then. Frame is called Indamix & it's made by Junglerider. I got the frame from Bert who rides for that company. I bought a lot "new" (not brand new, just new to me) parts to put that setup together, as I didn't want to strip my other bike (oldschool Trek BMX). It took me about 2 months to get that setup together & get to ride with it. I bought quite cheap & bad addon parts then, like Salt cranks, bent WTP bars, etc. Through all the summer I've been changing parts to better, I didn't change the frame because it's best thing ever, heh. My main point was making the bike light as possible. Also, awesome thing is that I got my own designed stickers from the site BB sells his clothes & stuff!
As spring is coming, I couldn't ride that much with it anymore as the ground is wet & it's awful to do flatland in wet conditions.

I'll talk about my oldschool roadbike soon.


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Nice BMX you got there :P
This black one is my current bike :
I was planning on getting a mtb again, but I won't risk it until we go to another house, because I don't want another bike stolen.


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heres pony i kinda repaired it was all rusty and broken

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Oh I totally forgot to post here... Meanwhile I got a Shadow Ravenger stem for my bmx. Here's a picture of my road bike too


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My 29" XC bike:

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got too many..

my main commuter -;

my racing bike -;

my single speed -;

my bmx -;

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