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Well, there are some little steps to get betas from NFS World..
How to do this:

First Step:
Go to NFS:Cars And get registered by clicking the Register button:

Second Step:
Go to NFS World Page
And click register button.

Third Step:
After getting registered, press the button "APPLY FOR THE BETA" in NFS World Page.

Forth Step:
After getting applied for the beta go to NFS Cars again, and send a PM with ur E-Mail to the Admin "Sinister", Why?, cuz he will send a list of emails to wich will be randomly selected and u will get 1 more chance to get the beta.
Now u just have to wait, if u receive a NFS E-mail, then congrats, U have received the download link for NFS: World
Note: Once u have the nfs world beta, u wont need to apply for the beta and do all this thing again, because NFS will get automaticaly updated to the next beta.

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thanks for postings :) registered..
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