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Ok so I've seen 2 topics for a cruz on FM4. WTH? I'm gettin sick of checking out the store fronts and seeing clubs holding get together s and posting up some kick
ass pix. I'd love to get a cruz set up for this weekend? The normal street cars no race paint, no forza areo, and plates are a must. Prolly at the most S-class for the top but now lower than a C-class. all makes welcome as long as its a true off the lot car.

Anyone willing to be down for this?
Now I am aware that I am in the states and the time from me to most of you is 8+ or - hours. So I'm willing to pull a night to do this. I need some group pix in my SF. Someone take charge and get the ball rolling? I have school M-F frm 4pm til 11pm. week days . But I am usually on about midnight to 2ish

Added 3 days later:

Yep forget that. Found a new FM4 club that does shit.

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ye its not much fm going here.. to have proper cruises :/
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i will i asked you JC but you in a anotherclub much friend and i searchiing for a club who is active. :)

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