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Tl;dr I have gone crazy and decided to build a home lab. This thread details the method in the madness.

The aim? A CPU/GPU computing lab for engineering/research/qualifications and gaming. Maybe host some servers for video games, the possibilities are endless and so is the list of things i want to do with it.

Current gear
1x Dell C6100, 4 nodes, got it for 711 UK Pesos including shipping.
8x Intel Xeon X5650 6C-12T @ 2.67GHz - 2 CPU per node
4x very loud fans
128GB of RAM - 32GB RAM per node
8x onboard Gigabit NIC's - 2 per node
4x IPMI Remote Management Ports - 1 per node
4x Mellanox Infiniband QSFP QDR 40Gbps cards - 1 card per node, 320Gbps aggregate bandwidth
4x ~400GB Seagate Drives for storage

It's late, I'm going to bed. I'll be back to add more text and pictures soon :) And there's a lot more stuff planned too.


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#3   2018-11-23 05:05          

1st pic i have of it, the day it got delivered. Absolutely chuffed. Wow, it's been a year since then, time flies...

Here it is, it shipped without any caddies and hard drives so I had to track down some, 4 spinner 500gb seagate drives for scratch storage and at some point in the future some SSD's for it. It's a fairly heavy bit of kit.

This is the hot side of the server, need a escond PSU for redundancy

This is how a c6100 node looks like, fairly compact packagaing.

See the top left section? That's reserved for Dell's Infiniband cards that have a proprietary PCI connector and to buy 4 of them along with their PCI adapters I'm looking at selling most of my organs 256 times to get the money. On the hop left side is the Infiniband cards.

Barely clearing my CPU heatsink.

The kit in the middle is the Infiniband switch. What is basically is, is a low lag, high capacity network for doing experiments that involve a lot of data going fast, or storage, or w/e you can make it sing

This is what it looks like upclose, every port is 4 10Gbit lanes.

Those RGB lights are part of another project, stay tuned for updates

Hot swappable fans for the infiniband switch, it warms up my eoom slightly at idle, should be a good way to lower my heating bill this xmas, by just running the computer

Finally, the top item is the ethernet switch. So far I've allocated 12 ports on it for just the C6100, and am looking at adding more as i scale it up. It also has fiber tansceivers which is cool so you can hook up fast access to storage if you wanted to.

IB wiring should be here next month, ethernet within the next week, a KVM module and a console cable are on the way - just missing a screen.

Thought about the possibility of creating an archive of all SLRR mods, maybe host an FTP server of some sort. Who has all the mods? if you are the person who does, give me a shout. Also looking at making it a community thing, if you have any ideas let me know!

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