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#1   2018-07-23 16:14          
Haven't been on SLRR in like a million years. Here are some cars that I modeled using Blender (If anyone wants to bring these into SLRR PM me I'd be more than happy to assist you.

A timelapse video on one of my unfinished projects


Here is my Artstation and Sketchfab so you can see my works!



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#2   2019-05-22 18:48          
Not too bad. How long have you been 3d modeling? Just a tip, try and model with less polygons. On your FC for example, some parts of it are really high poly, i feel like those poly could've been used elsewhere to add more details to certain parts like window-trims and such. :) Specially on the wheels, you can get away with lower poly wheels if the textures ontop of it are good, they mask a lot. :)