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#1   2013-12-06 12:03          
Hi guys!

I'd love to hear from you guys what I should do with VStanced in the future, not I'm talking more content wise and less "build more mods for slr" ;)

It's time you lot shouted at me and told me what you want to see here at VStanced, is there a game you're enjoying and would love to see more?

things I want to add to VStanced in the future

more games - something new, fresh, moddable?!
more competitions - now we have photo competitions but should we have video competitions or ??? - can be related to any game not slr only.
news - what do you want to see in the news?
facebook fan page - anything else you want us to post there?

if you've got something in your mind I'd love to hear it! :)


Added 1 day later:

so I guess VStanced is perfect! awesome :awesome:

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#2   2013-12-07 14:20          
yes it is

Added 1 minute later:

the only way to make it better is hack down fb and get people on forums again :D
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#3   2013-12-07 22:25          
it's perfect how it is now... imo the more you put in, the more it confuses :P
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