Rescript of Mihon's Devils V8


Rescripted version of Mihon's Devil's V8

Complete rescript for Mihon's Devils V8 engine. New scripts, sounds, and a few visual edits by RedCarDriver. Much more usable in general, and includes RPKs for 2.3.0LE and 2.2.1MWM. This was done unofficially, so if Mihon objects, I will take this down.

The turbos are still ridiculously powerful, but if you have problems, turn down the boost.

Also, the archive is huge because there are six sound sets, as well as turbo and supercharger sounds. Click the exhaust headers with the tuning tool to switch the sound file. File is 24MB.

I uploaded this before being unavailable for a week, so this is a BETA as of July 5.
1.   Posted by PatrickvZ1979   2014-07-06 11:18    

Download link leads to Fiero_Engine_MWM_Fix and only contains General_Motors_L44.rdb and .rpk??

2.   Posted by nhbdjkmnf   2014-07-06 11:19    

File RPK in the folder for v6 which comes with your pontiac

3.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2014-07-06 12:17    


4.   Posted by PatrickvZ1979   2014-07-06 12:36    

Thnx KeeJay!

5.   Posted by PXRZ   2014-07-06 22:54    

Even though it´s nice to see a revised version here, but there is still some stuff to improve for example the slots for fitting intake manifolds. I could make some fixes for it while you´re being gone for a week.

6.   Posted by hitman3695   2014-07-07 07:07    

How do I squeeze 1000hp with the drag Supercharger just like the old engine?

7.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2014-07-07 18:06    

@hitman3695 - I did ~1200hp and ~1700Nm using quad turbo 105 cm bore block and 115 cm parts. And diesel oil :P But on Methanol you can easily break 1k of horses :)

8.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2014-07-24 18:48    

Fixed the link.

9.   Posted by KidForDrift   2014-08-17 20:10    

It will be nice to see smaller intercoolers and radiators and mercedes benz cylinder head cover for V8

10.   Posted by maudib32   2014-09-12 14:41    

So I cannot find what vehicles this is compatible with. Dunno if i have to modify another file to get ti to work? Please help I am very new to modding SLRR.

11.   Posted by Claytontownsend17   2014-10-12 17:58    

Tried building a supercharged eight tech motor, but I can't find fuel rails for it.. Looked every, tried opening the game again, and nothing.

12.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2015-01-30 20:55    

@ maudib32 : Install "SLRR Editor" and use it to make the engine compatible with any car you want.

@ Claytontownsend17 : Try the standard "Eight Tech" carbs?

13.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2015-01-30 20:55    

[Duplicate comment deleted]

14.   Posted by George_Monroe   2015-02-04 23:59    


15.   Posted by veyron155   2015-04-24 20:56    

I rode the complete engine, but says that lacked the fuel system, help me


16.   Posted by Esfanee   2015-05-10 19:20    

Nice work !! Make more mods :D :awesome: :pimping:

17.   Posted by veyron155   2015-08-10 22:23    

will never correct the error of that engine? a mod so good with an error that

18.   Posted by 1492908   2015-08-11 18:19    

Is there a fix for the fuel system bug with the supercharged eight tech?

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