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Rescripted version of Mihon's Devil's V8
REDO - New Parts August 2015
(Old Version Here)

Apologies that this took this long!


(read below for what these mean)

Basic engine, 6 sound files. Get ONLY this if you are short on HD space. (25MB)

DLC1 pack, requires basic engine, 6 more sounds (14MB)

DLC1+DLC2 pack, requires basic engine, 13 more sounds (28MB)


Complete rescript for Mihon's Devils V8 engine. New scripts, sounds, and a few visual edits by RedCarDriver. Much more usable in general, and includes RPKs for 2.3.0LE and 2.2.1MWM. This was done unofficially, so if Mihon objects, I will take this down.

The turbos are still ridiculously powerful, but if you have problems, turn down the boost.

The basic archive is already huge because there are six sound sets, as well as turbo and supercharger sounds. Click the exhaust headers with the tuning tool to switch the sound file. File is 25MB.

The basic engine, with 6 sounds, is here (25MB). The 6 sounds included are:
- Audi R8 / RS4 (replaces BMW M3 E92 from original version)
- Ford GT
- Camaro SS
- Corvette Z06
- Ferrari F430 Scuderia
- McLaren MP4-12C

There are two packs of "DLC" sound files for this engine. DLC1 includes 6 additional sound files, for a total of 12. DLC2 includes 7 more than DLC1, for a total of 19 - you must have DLC1 if you want DLC2.

DLC1 includes, in addition to the base engine:
- Audi S4
- BMW M3 E92 (from original version)
- Ferrari California
- Mercedes-Benz SLS
- Dodge SRT-8 6.1
- Shelby GT500 1967

DLC2 includes, in addition to DLC1:
- Lexus IS F
- Jaguar XKR
- Corvette Stingray C2
- Alpina B6 GT3
- Mercedes-Benz SLR 722
- Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione
- Ford Mustang Coyote 5.0
26.   Posted by Deadmeat   2019-07-17 08:20    

for me, for some reason, all the engines have the same sound no matter which kit or block it is that I built them from. little help please?

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