My first... Mod?

Java sources for Honda K20 By blast. I didn't them all, but the most important ones are included. I intend to do the remaining javas later (The others just require a change in names and description BECAUSE ORGANIZATION).

Javas included:

Engine Block

>>>ATENTION<<< :
Use if you have Mindedrift's NFS Shift 2 Sounds.
Use block(2).java, rename to and delete the other one if you use the original sound of the mod made by Gorgoil;


Connecting Rods;

Pistons (Stock & High Compression);

Cylinder Head;

Intake & Exhaust Cams;

Fuel Rails;

Transmission (Stock & Adjustable);

Turbos & Supercharger (Some liars models BECAUSE ORIGINILITY).

All the credits from the engine go to Blast. He did the Mod, this is just a small change.

If You think this unnecessary, just don't use ;)

1.   Posted by cate   2016-02-01 15:17    

post pics

2.   Posted by Moonlander08   2016-02-01 15:39    

Pics of What? Text Files? :confused2:

3.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2016-02-01 15:45    

You want pics of javas?

4.   Posted by cate   2016-02-01 18:49    

sure :D post without pics is like mercedess without badge :P

5.   Posted by Moonlander08   2016-02-01 20:13    

This Stuff don't need pictures

6.   Posted by KingSavoh   2016-04-10 17:08    

that changes u made are we going to see them in the game ? if not it really is unnecessary.

7.   Posted by edi07kehed   2016-05-27 03:32    

pics for java's, if you want, i can send you the map pictures of my java island :bananajump: :lolhitting:

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