Old MF mod

I think I don't need to present this one. It's the old MF Charger with Daytona and General Lee versions

1.   Posted by SzybkiMarek   2016-08-15 15:53    

Some more pictures pls?

2.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2016-08-15 16:04    

Download and see it yourself ;)

C'mon, I thought everybody knows that car

3.   Posted by SzybkiMarek   2016-08-15 16:11    

Nevermind, it's fucking awesome car! Great job :D PS. I wanted some more pictures because you uploaded only Daytona version :P Sorry for my engish.

4.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2016-08-15 16:34    

It's funny how people who are saying "sorry for my English" mostly speak English well

5.   Posted by Yeda   2016-08-15 22:42    

well, i use this for a very long time.. and i have to say.. it's one of the best mods i've ever seen. But it has only one problem, for some reason the front scratches on the ground when you try to lower it.

6.   Posted by Mr. Subaru expert   2016-08-25 12:51    

mediafire link please? my computer doesn't like mega.

7.   Posted by tjcb   2018-08-24 13:11    

can someone please upload this mod to mediafire? PLEASE!!!

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