Another pack from me - Jesus_Christ - Grudas
done it in 2 days so nothing much(28rims0 - this includes the repeated rims but with chrome lip or full chrome :) remember RED part is always paintable :)

The Models - these are full converts from Forza Motorsport 3 there might be some little glitches/mistakes left but live with them or mention them in comments i might fix them before releasing V1

this is version 0.5 in v1 i will include some of the wheels in 16" and maybe a tire or two :) should be done by next week if i don't get lazy - im lying i will get lazy ;)

Direct Download From My server :) Comments Welcome! you are free to upload this to every site as long as my name and website - is mentioned :) thanks! have fun

mirror here
1.   Posted by Mr.Drifter   2010-05-16 05:26    

awesome rims Jesus love them :awesome:

2.   Posted by k0k14a   2010-05-16 11:46    

Nise.But i tink that the silver rim will be better withaut the emoticon :D

3.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2010-05-16 15:34    

there 2 versions of the rim original and with awesome smile.

4.   Posted by Daniel   2010-05-16 22:33    

Whatta .. Every time i try download it, it just stop in the middle of it :S

5.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2010-05-16 22:53    

mirror is posted too :) see at the bottom.

6.   Posted by BLu3   2012-05-26 07:21    

niceeee rims congrats man

7.   Posted by FJ   2012-06-11 09:21    

i like the :awesome: rim ,LOL it's so AWESOME.

8.   Posted by charlflip   2012-07-09 19:14    

That, sir, is totally sweet :D

9.   Posted by Unseen.   2012-08-22 09:08    

The first rim is funny... XD

10.   Posted by SlammedPanda   2013-10-20 04:22    

jesus christ this is a lot of rims! lol.. see what i did there.. :P

11.   Posted by SiXr4RACER19   2015-03-28 18:49    


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